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  1. MonkeyBiz

    Indiana Smokers In

    Indianapolis, freshly returned from Chicago.
  2. So here's my story. Once upon a time, I was a hookah master. I could coax thick, fluffy white clouds and a killer buzz out of anything, and I never burned a bowl. Somewhere along the line though, I lost my touch. My smokes are thin and not so flavorful, and clouds less than thick and fluffy. Half the time I burn the shisha. And it's just not working for me. However, now I'm out of supplies. I need new coals and shisha. But I've been away from the community for so long that I really haven't been following up on the new things that have been released in the past few years and what people are really liking. So, if there are any new accessories, I'm game for those too. I have a Mya hookah, 26" with blue glass base, a Nammor hose, and the regular Mya bowl. One thing: I travel a lot, so portability is a must. That means I'm looking at quicklite coals, and shisha like Tangiers that needs to be acclimated wouldn't work for me.
  3. MonkeyBiz

    Heat Problems W/mya

    Here's the Mya: http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITE...EPARTMENT_ID=42 I fill up the water to about an inch above the end of the stem. I use 2 coals, generally. Either both on the sides, or one on the edge of the other. I'll experiment and get back with you.
  4. I bought a Mya several months ago, and I've been having a lot of heat-related problems with it. I started with Starbuzz and natural coals, and then moved back to Al Fahker and Golden coals, and it's the same problem. No matter what I do, the shisha burns like crazy. I've tried different water levels, different coal arrangements, different shisha amounts, and it's the same problem. For the record, before this one I had a large Rotator. Anyone have any advice?
  5. MonkeyBiz

    Nammor Vendors?

    So I placed an order with Mahir @ Nazar, and they didn't have the two blue ones I wanted. But they did have one blue one, and I don't need another immediately. So, he's going to ship the second when they get it. Great customer service, IMO.
  6. MonkeyBiz

    Nammor Vendors?

    Excellent! Nazar, I'm placing an order with you now
  7. MonkeyBiz

    Nammor Vendors?

    Does anyone else know where to get these? I mean, they're obviously not a H-S exclusive product, so someone has to have them somewhere.
  8. So, after a long absence, I've decided to get back into hookah. I'm looking for 2 either blue or black Nammor hoses, and it seems like Hookah-Shisha and Nazar are the only ones that sell them. However, according to their websites they're both sold out. Are there any other places selling the hoses, or am I just going to have to wait until the second week of October (as quoted by H-S) to get mine? Thanks.
  9. MonkeyBiz

    Natural Coal Problems

    These coals are cylindrical with the circumference of a nickel and about 5" long. They're not like standard coals. What I've been doing is breaking them down the center line so they're about an inch long and shaped like a half circle. The problem is that they rarely break evenly, and always burn out fast. Also, they have a tendency to burn the tobacco. Thoughts?
  10. I'm having problems with my natural coals. I bought a bag of the Stargate Natural Coals and I've been experimenting with them, and I've run into two problems compared to regular quicklites. The first is lasting power. The naturals burn out within a half hour or less, compared with the quicklites at 45 minutes plus. The second is consistency. Because natural coals come in cylindrical sticks, it's nearly impossible to get anything consistent in terms of shape. So, if anyone has any suggestions for either, I'd love to hear them. Otherwise, I'm going back to quicklites.
  11. MonkeyBiz

    Selling my Hookah

    It smokes really well. It takes some adjustments to really get it perfect, but it's well worth it. Shoot me an IM and we can negotiate.
  12. So after a little over a year and a half of owning my own and two years of smoking the hookah, I've decided to give it up for now. I needed to make some positive changes in my health, and this is one of them. However, my loss is definitely your gain. I'm selling my 36" 4-hose rotator hookah. I originally purchased this hookah in March of 2005 from Hookah-Shisha. Since then, I've replaced everything that isn't metal. I'm selling it with all the accessories I've accumulated over the years, which combined with the value of the hookah itself make it worth over $200. The package includes the following:1 36" 4-hose rotator hookah - Extra thick blue glass base from Hookah-Hookah - Heat resistant tray - 6 blue Mya Saray wood and metal hoses - 2 blue Mya Saray ceramic bowls - 1 Pyrex globe bowl - 1 set of Mya Saray scimitar tongs - Appx 20-30 pieces of hookah foil - 4 medical grade rubber stoppers - 4 hose caps - 4 relatively new hose grommets and 1 relatively new bowl grommet - 1 roll of Golden Charcoals - 1 Taj windcover - 1 bag (the zipper is crap though) - 1 slightly used stem cleanerIt's been cleaned and packed and is ready to go. Because of all the help and suggestions the members of this forum have given me, I felt like I would return the favor by giving everyone here the first opportunity to purchase it. If you're interested, feel free to send me a private message or IM me. My screenname is MonkeyBusinessIU. Here's an album with pictures of everything you get. [url="http://s72.photobucket.com/albums/i173/MonkeyBusinessIU/Hookah%20Pictures/"]http://s72.photobucket.com/albums/i173/Mon...kah%20Pictures/[/url]Thanks everyone, and best wishes.
  13. MonkeyBiz


    [img]http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i173/MonkeyBusinessIU/A%20Day%20In%20The%20Life/DSC00765.jpg[/img]That's my baby. She's originally from Hookah-Shisha, but I got a new vase and Mya Saray hoses and bowls.
  14. MonkeyBiz

    where do you guys hookah?

    When I was in college, it was either in my room or in one of the common areas. At home, it was outside or in the basement. Now, my living room.
  15. "Prior to contrary belief, smoking a hookah will not get you fancy cars, or loose women."YOU LIE! Well, at least about the loose women part.