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  1. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I have been really busy with other stuff and haven't had time to properly smoke or inspect the hookah further. Its not the hose, I have tried with different hoses. I suspect the leak is somewhere in the hoseport. I just cant locate it.
  2. Its a traditionel chamber so the heart is closed, ive tried doing the leak test method, nothing really indicates it leaking air, yet somewhere it must leak. I cant really figure where. Its freaking bothering. I like restricted hookah, but this is beyond restricted
  3. Hello Guys. I recently bought an Al Fakher Medium Solid hookah second gen, which are pretty rare to find these days. The owner said it had minor air leaks but I solved that by using some JB weld and it is air tight now. I dont know if this an issue but I feel like the draw is super restricted and the hookah doesnt boble much whenever I take a pull. I dont know if it is normal but i have other hookahs, KM and two Shikas and they boble alot whenever I take a pull unless I use a diffuser. This hookah seems almost like its on a diffuser yet not. The cloud output is like any of my other hookahs, huge clouds, depending on tobacco and pack method. My concern is, it feels like the hookah doesnt really take hold of the water whenever I take a pull. Almost like it takes hold from the bowl straight. Is this normal? I dont know if it is because the vase is much smaller and the gauge of the stem is smaller of course. Anybody get my point or know what i am talking about. Any help is appreciated