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  1. Hello From Florida

    Thats some good info right there! I appreciate it. I think I know what you mean about the quality of KM going down. I have a friend who bought a new one last month from amazon. He paid about $140. When it came in, it looked like a child made it. It was absolutely terrible. I will check out those other brand for sure. My current hookah has plenty life left in it, so I can save up and get a nice one. Price isn't really an issue. As quality is most important to me this time around. I let you know when I get a new one and update with some pictures.
  2. Hello From Florida

    Thanks. I added some pics. These are my no name pipes. Cheap ones like ager, inhale and never exhale. I stopped smoking a few years back and then decided to smoke "every one and awhile" so i bought cheap hookahs. But since I'm back to smoking at least once a day, I'm ready to buy a couple nice hookahs. Probably going to go with KMs again since I regret giving mine away when i quit. The ager pipe (clear vase hookah) hits very well. Large bore. But it's starting to develop some surface rust where the bottom stem connects. I have a question. I smoke twice a day (aprox. 45 minutes) (shisha of choice is usually AlFalker and starbuzz). Do I smoke too much? Lol. Or are there other hookah addicts out there?
  3. Hello From Florida

    Thanks! I like jello
  4. Hello From Florida

  5. Hello From Florida

  6. Hello From Florida

    Bought this for my sister
  7. Hello From Florida

  8. Hello From Florida

  9. Hello From Florida

  10. Hello From Florida

  11. Hello From Florida

    Sup guys. New to the forum but not new to smoking hookah. I've been smoking for around 10 years now. I've owned several hookahs, but the past couple years I've been buying some cheap ones (flame suit is on). About to buy another KM, I've missed the quality.