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  1. Amarean Cafe, Stockton, Ca

    Allow me to correct the nonsense written above as I owned the place for over ten years now:   Lounge: Amarean Cafe Location: Stockton, California Refreshments: 25 Cold Drinks from different Sodas, Energy drinks, Snapple etc. and 10 Hot drinks including Cappuccino, Lattes, Tea, Cocoa, Etc. Hookahs: Magdy Zidans  Hoses: Aluminum & Silicon Coals: Coconara Shisha: Al-Fakher. Al-Nakhla. Fumari, Starbuzz, Tonic. Fantasia. Saalaam. (About 6 flavors from each) Overall: I would let the next person who visits and writes a review decide this one.   Our place is absolutely wonderful. We serve many brands of shisha. The place is a 3 story building; the upstairs has black lights and has various black light posters. We play a wide variety of music from country, to 90's pop, house music, and modern hiphop.. The seating is comfortable as we have restaurant type booths and heavily cushioned chairs across.   It has been $1 cover charge for the past 10 years and hookahs are $10 for a hookah and we don't limit how many people are on each hookah.   For hoses we used to use the tonic hose ends (they are actual hookah hose ends with modified tubes that last longer than the original tubes), now we use silicon hoses with aluminum ends.  We use Magdi Zidan Hookahs. We use + size ceramic bowls (Not metal bowls).   We do not over pack the bowls! that's hookah 101.  You know what though - some guy came once to me and instructed me to fill the bowl only half way and he said he worked at a hookah bar and it's the best way to do it lol NOPE we didn't listen.  Anyway (=   We are on www.facebook.com/TheHookahBar Also on www.Instagram.com/TheHookahBar and on www.Amaraen.com and soon we will be on www.TheHookahBar.com   No we are not puppets to yelp and we do not care what people have to say about us on yelp (You can buy your way on yelp and we won't play their game). 
  2. Hose Question

    tonic hoses are what u need
  3. those hookahs suck, they are as thin as the mini pumpkinhookahs
  4. Welding A Stem?

    i am convinced that hookahs should come with an aluminum body and no other metals