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  1. Im still voting for The Historical Archives of Reviews of Flavors of Previously But No Longer Available Tobacco Brands
  2. New Order

    Just place an order from South Smoke, let me know what you guys think... Khalil Mamoon Halzone Oxidized - 99.99 Vortex Bowl 6.99 Coconara Coals - 12.99 Fantasia 50g Pink Lemonade - 3.99 AF Orange 250g - 12.90 I also used the promo code for a free mya petite hookah, so I'm excited, since i'm currently hookahless!
  3. Florida Smokers Fl

    Just relocated to Orlando/LBV area, any good shops for supplies?
  4. Hello again, it's been a long time since I've posted on here...I just moved to orlando last week, right next to Disney world actually...I'm in need of a new hookah and supplies but I have no idea where to go down here, I was going to order from Nazar but some threads are putting me off...any idea of brick and mortar shops or a site to order from with quick shipping?
  5. Burning Grommets

    The charcoal screens always caused my shisha to burn...foil was much better for me
  6. The Witch

    Wow...my old thread from years ago... Maybe you will be happy to know that I still have my witch and I still use it, and it works well...I use the original bowl and the original hose still and its an enjoyable travel hookah...the bottle I use is from a crappy Long Island Iced Tea mix bottle, but it fits perfect and has never tipped or been an issue...I would still reccomend this hookah
  7. I'm not the biggest cinn. fan...hows the orange soda?

  8. So After 2 Years...

    6 packs a month not a lot? That seems like an insurmountable amount of smoking to me
  9. Quitting Hookah

    I just took an over 6 month vacation from it myself...It was nice not having the hassle of dealing with it for that time, but now I dont have the desire to more than once a week so far, so it's not a problem at all
  10. Black Friday Hookahjohn Order!

    I just ordered the green KM...it will be my first KM and finally will get me a vase, because I'm currently smoking with a MYA stem placed in a gallon jug of hawaiian punch
  11. Starbuzz Wins This Round

    SB tequilla sunrise....delish, but to expensive
  12. Hookah Hookups.. An Idea

    added myself down in Evansville Indiana
  13. Did I Make A Mistake?

    I've heard its very good if it will smoke for you...here in the midwest it never seems to work however...