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  1. Edmonrakipi

    Unlit Magic Official Vendor Thread

  2. Edmonrakipi

    Unlit Magic Official Vendor Thread

    Our products do not contain any of the following that a normal cigarette or shisha/hookah would contain. -NO TOBACCO -NO NICOTINE -NO TAR -NO POISION -NO CARBON MONOXIDE AND HARMFUL CHEMICALS -NO ODOUR -NO MORE SMELLY BREATH
  3. Edmonrakipi

    New Member/vendor

    Appreciate the love !
  4. Edmonrakipi

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Currently on UnlitMagic's sex on the beach !!!
  5. Edmonrakipi

    New Member/vendor

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and my brand UnlitMagic. I currently live in the Tampa Florida area and own a small disposable hookah company that you can find on the vendor page. Appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm.
  6. Edmonrakipi

    Hi And Hello From Denmark 😊

    Welcome on man !! I was actually born in Herlev but I currently live in Florida !
  7. Edmonrakipi

    Unlit Magic Official Vendor Thread

    All members of this forum receive a 10% discount on all orders. Promotion code is 10offhf
  8. Edmonrakipi

    Unlit Magic Official Vendor Thread

    Hey everyone !!! Excited to be a part of this forum!! At Unlit Magic we have the finest flavored E-Hookah from Australia. No Nicotine, No Tobacco, No Carbon Monoxide, No Lead,No Nickel. We have our product lab tested in Australia to assure our claims are correct. All our products are disposable as we try to keep things simple yet flavorful. We also keep the products nicotine and tobacco free for those looking for a healthier alternative. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks and enjoy !!!!
  9. Edmonrakipi

    A Big Hi! From The Uk (London E)

    Welcome on man !!!
  10. Edmonrakipi

    Howdy Smokers And Smokies

    Welcome to the group !
  11. Edmonrakipi

    Unlit Magic