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  1. I know this is an old post but anychance you are still trying to sell this stuff?
  2. It's bee nsuch a long time since I've been on this forum. My hookah has been sitting in my closet for over a year, does anyone have any special cleaning tips they can dish out. I want it to smoke like a brand new hookah. I know I need new hoses for sure. Does cleaning with lemon juice work well?
  3. been TOO LONG

    wyteboy you work for espn, so how can you complain? j/k. every sports fans dream ! lol
  4. I love that first drawing!  lmao
  5. I'm smoking AF Cola right now, and i certainly recommend it! especially mixed with cherry
  6. shisha storage

    ive got a whole cabinet devoted to hookah tabacco and accessories, if the tub it came in seals good then i just put it in the cabinet, if not i put the tub in a zip lock bag.
  7. [quote name='alen']ill guess just beacuse my english isnt the best maybe some of the guys think im somekind of a mumbling drowling guy that sit and talk for himself in a home behind bars somewhere ?[/quote] Im willing to bet most people on here don't speak a second language ( I could be wrong) Who cares if your english isnt  perfect, I think its cool to have people from other countries on the forum. I know id be a little nervous to post in a different language.
  8. Your Story

    Im 20, stationed in South Carolina but im from Illinois. I have a 32" syrian chiller. Favorite flavor is sweet melon for now and favorite brand is Romman.
  9. flcigarguy

    I bought a romeo y juliet in the bahamas,  and i cant even remember if i liked it
  10. awesome i actually blew a smoke ring that was like 3 feet from my face, cant do it again though
  11. western union MO?

    You can do it online, or some gas stations and grocery stores have them. If its just a money order you need than pretty much any gas station will have that.
  12. Favorite Mixes

    i like cherry cola, not an innovative mixture but it is good
  13. [quote name='mikem']Orange Lime and Jamaican Rum are now available![/quote] No Lime, I meant kiwi
  14. Orange Lime and Jamaican Rum are now available!