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  1. Still at work. Last person to leave the office today. I will be going home to light up some AF mint.
  2. AF Orange. (lingered for weeks in my pipes) Amaren Cappucino (dry as hell) Amaren Pink Mix (way too sweet) Amaren Green (not sure what it tastes like but it is kak and hard to pull a big rip)
  3. Hi to all   I'm quite new at the hookah game. I bought a cheapie hookah about 2 months ago to see if I would make regular  use of it. I smoke a couple of times a week. So I will be looking for a better unit this weekend.   I don't seem to see many of the brands mentioned here at the local smoke shops. I will look closer when I go after work.    So far my favourite flavours have been Blue mix and Silver Fox. I am still playing around with getting a perfect smoke each time. I have had some harsh bowls.