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    Hi From Michigan

    im not sure if i actually talked to him specifically, but they mentioned heat as well. i have tried to cut down heat using 1.5 coals in the lotus, but that just didnt produce any smoke. im going to try use foil next and go back to how i did it with lucid, ive heard it is supposed to smoke similarly. 
  2. Matt Arcori

    Hi From Michigan

    thanks for the reply, i use a kaloud lotus so i dont think the placement matters(correct me if im wrong) also, on a larger bowl like the harmony ive used three coals with noir with no problem (with foil). should i go back to foil? i love the lotus for the ease of heat management, but if its hindering my experience then it would be kind of useless. also would smoking outdoors be an issue with birquq? where i live you can get heat stroke during the day and frostbite at night some days. 
  3. Matt Arcori

    Hi From Michigan

    Hey all, I'm well versed in the art of hookah from a bit under 4 years of smoking. I have never really had a problem until recently, which is why i decided to jump on this site to see if anyone has the answers. im not sure if i am allowed to do this but im sure one of the mods admins will let me know if im in the wrong. I swear to all of you that tangiers birquq is the bane of my existence. i am not new to tangiers by any means, having smoked noir, f-line, and lucid successfully many times. lucid was always my favorite and go to due to the less buzzy feel. now that lucid is gone i decided to take the leap and try the new-ish line. im not sure what im doing wrong. ive watched pretty much every video possible, read multiple threads on the subject (including the success with tangiers one in the noob section), and have even resorted to calling the lounge. my main setup is a harmony bowl, two cocobuzz coals in a kaloud lotus, on a hookah i made with stainless steel( works fine with noir and has no leaks). smoke is fine with all three flavors (little purple candy, mcherry, and schnozzberry) but the flavor is not really doing it for me like lucid use to. i also have a pico bowl but i have not been able to get lower heat coals, the cocobuzz coals just incinerate that bowl. please end this misery for me some one.      one a brighter note, this site seems pretty awesome and im excited to learn and contribute as much as i can.