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  1. Arnaud Lambillotte

    Hi From Paris France

    ;-) meaning "ok then" ^^
  2. Arnaud Lambillotte

    Hi From Paris France

    Hahahaha that was a french Ho
  3. Arnaud Lambillotte

    Hi From Paris France

    Ho I completely understand. I'm no vendor anyway :)
  4. Arnaud Lambillotte

    Hi From Paris France

    Hello I'm a new member from France, my name is Arnaud and I'm 46 ! I smoke on traditional hookahs only, glass stuff or modern doesn't interest me at all. My favorites tobacco brands ar Al Fakher, Tangiers and Fumari I work on a Webpage called Narguitest.fr I am in relations with Farida Hookah sinice a few month when we reviewed some models and sit an interview of Randa Ahmed the company boss. We are starting a contest on instagram with the brand and if ou are interested I can give you all the info here or you can check my instagram : taro_d_zbel or 5star instagram with just share the contest or directly on farida hookahs instagram Have a nice smoke !