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  1. hookahwarehouse

    Glass Hookah Noob, Need Help

    Sorry about that. As I said earlier, we just got them in. They are now available for purchase on our site. Here are the links:   http://www.hookahwarehouse.com/20-pharaohs-glacier-glass-hookah/   http://www.hookahwarehouse.com/20-pharaohs-reactor-glass-hookah/
  2. hookahwarehouse

    Glass Hookah Noob, Need Help

    I would say both of the hookahs you selected are great choices and both smoke very well. Another one to consider would be the Pharaoh's Glacier and Pharaoh's Reactor hookahs. We actually just got these in. The main advantages to the Pharaoh's over the Lavoo would be the Egyptian design case and water filled stem which you can place in the refrigerator for cooled smoke. Here are some pictures of both hookahs.   
  3. hookahwarehouse

    Need Another Bowl

    I can check with our supplier and get back to you tomorrow. I may be able to find the Queen B bowl for you. 
  4. hookahwarehouse

    Tired Of Looking At My Set Up.

    Nice hookah man. I think that set up looks great. I wouldn't change a thing.