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  1. Zan

    Newbie From Finland.

      Oh, there's tobacco alright, but all advertisements of any sort, including mentioning prices or brands online, is banned. Stores have to keep their tobacco stuff hidden, they cannot recommend you anything if you ask, and even with those dispensers at the checkout lane, they're not allowed to list the tobacco brands, you have to ask for its number. About liquor, something incredible happened just a few months ago, they loosened the law! :D Before, the government-run alcohol company could only list brands and prices of drinks under 21% ABV, but now the law was repealed and all their products are now listed online. Smoking kids is a pretty big problem here, I could ride my motorcycle to the beach and see ten elementary school kids smoking and acting all cool, and 18-year-olds supplying them with all the smokes they want as long as they pay two euros extra. Scumbags, I say. At least I went out and bought my smokes and booze myself when I was fifteen! :D
  2. Golden Shisha White Grapes mixed into Bonus tobacco. Very tasty, and cheap.
  3. Zan

    Newbie From Finland.

    Well, the law here is absolutely, completely ridiculous. There used to be some stores that required you to confirm your age with bank account credentials, but those are banned too. Absolutely no mention of tobacco products is allowed and selling online is now completely banned. It's completely idiotic, but luckily I was able to obtain the molasses from Sweden with no taxes. Right now I'm smoking the Golden Shisha Grape and, with a thinner needle to poke the holes and poking them all the way through, my quicklight split in half and the tobacco cut into pieces before smoking and a slight tamp, I'm getting great, tasty smoke. I think I'll have fun here.
  4. Hi everyone, nice to join you all. So I found a cheap unused souvenir table hookah brought from Turkey being sold on Facebook and got it for just 20 euros, along with some Tanya herbal molasses, foil, quicklight coals and tongs. I read all about the basics of hookah smoking on the internet and watched some videos and I'm hooked. Not literally, but you know. :D There are apparently no hookah stores at all in Finland, but I found a Swedish store that sells hookahs, molasses and equipment, so I got a windcover, a bunch of coals, a tin of Shiazo stones and three different kinds of Golden Shisha Molasses and a bottle of Jeff's 7 Elements Strawberry. I mixed all the stuff with some Clan pipe tobacco I'd washed, and some Bonus Blue cigarette tobacco.   I get pretty decent smokes and I really enjoy smoking a nice relaxing bowl on the computer and with family over. I've always been interested in smoking and I've dabbled in pipe smoking and cigarillos on the cheap before, but right now the hookah is the only thing I smoke, since it's cheap and I can do it indoors without messing up my house. Sadly I have no way to get real shisha right now, so the molasses bags you mix into cig tobacco will have to do for now. Has anyone here tried that stuff? I get rather rough smokes as I write this with the 7 Elements, but I probably messed up my foil and the bowl packing.