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  1. ShishaFruits

    August Contest!

    Hello guys, We have chosen the winners of this contest who will receive the prizes from us. There were not so many participants and it was a bit difficult to choose 5 people. The winners are: thehelios kaoz187 Bawhee And if there are no objections, we would also like to give the prizes to: Chreees and â€On   In order to ship the prizes to you, we will need to have your full name, mailing address, and a phone number that we can use for the international shipping. Please send this information to Dinerstein@winglegroup.com with the title hookahforum contest   After we will receive this information, the prizes will be shipped to you.   Thank you for the participation in the contest!
  2. ShishaFruits

    August Contest!

    The contast is now over, and we will announce the winners here on September the 5th.
  3. ShishaFruits

    August Contest!

    Hello,   yes, the product is shredded, however the pieces are of different cut depending on the fruit. For example, banana is sliced into bigger pieces than strawberry. we do have a mint flavor, you can watch a mint flavor review here: http://www.hookah.org/shisha-fruits-mint-review/   regarding the question of how many coals do you need to use - usually you put three coals first and wait till the product start to vaporize well, and then you take off one coal, leave only two and just continue vaping. Soon we will make a special electronic bowl and there will be no need of coals at all.
  4. ShishaFruits

    August Contest!

    August is almost over and we would like to send some free samples to 5 winners in September. We would really appreciate if someone from the winners would like to share their feedback about Shisha Fruits when they will have a chance to try them.   Also, we have updated and renewed our website and now it contains the most recent information on Shisha Fruits - please check it: http://shishafruits.com/   Please visit our Facebook page to see Shisha Fruits product reviews: https://www.facebook.com/Shishafruits   There is still time left to make some posts. Maybe a few questions for discussion will help to revive this thread a bit?   Let's try, here are some questions to discuss:   1. What shisha flavors do you prefer? Why?   2. Which was the best shisha you have ever tried?   3. Have you tried any non-tobacco shisha before? What do you think about it? What do you think about non-tobacco shisha in general?
  5. ShishaFruits

    August Contest!

    Hello guys,   1. Regarding the international shipping - any international carriers can be used and the products can be shipped globaly without any problems. At least we have never had any problems with shipping the products.   2. As for the awards, we will give a box with 12 flavors to each winner and our special hookah bowl for vaping Shisha Fruits.   We have also posted some information about what Shisha Fruits are here: http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/52485-shishafruitscom-official-vendor-thread/