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  1. singhlakhy

    First Step To Become Rich

    what kinda loan will you choose ? if your gonna live in one unit then after 2 years buy another 4 flat and then live there 2 year ? beacsue FHA only loan you could only have one ? and convention loan will be the way you go ?
  2. singhlakhy

    First Step To Become Rich

    lol i am just asking general question. if youhad money to invest, would you rather invest in multifamly homes or hookah lounge ? and the reason why ?
  3. singhlakhy

    First Step To Become Rich

    what you guys perfer either buying a fourplex or multifamily home for investment. or buy used or open new hookah lounge for investment ? and why ?
  4. singhlakhy

    Southern California Smokers So-cal

    orange county, ca