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  1. Margins On Shisha?

    Wow I really appreciate the feedback guys, that helps. More feedback would be great, but thanks! 
  2. Hi guys, I've been thinking about launching a business that revolves around hookah. Before I'd throw down several hundred dollars for a tobacco license, incorporation, etc, I wanted to have a "ball-park" idea on the price of shisha. Most wholesalers won't take me seriously unless I send them documentation and an EIN, so I was going to ask you guys: What do the margins look like with shisha?    I know some brands such as Al Fakher retail at around $6-7 per 100g, while other brands such as fumari, starbuzz, or fantasia might retail at around $10-12 per 100grams.    Do you guys have an idea on what the margins look like to retailers? I could see 100 grams of shisha costing a retailer $2-4, but I really just don't know. I'm sure there would be several different factors, such as the specific brand and supplier - but I'm just looking for a general idea. Any feedback would be really helpful!     
  3. Hello From Texas!

    Hi guys, my name is Waldo and I've been smoking hookah for about 3 years. I'm trying to learn more about hookah from the online communities, and I'm always into making new friends! I'm from Houston, go to college in Fort Worth, and I'm 21. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys!    -Waldo