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  1. Thank you guys. As i mentioned in my post i will send samples to as many people as possible...just want to finish the final stages of flavor testing to provide you with the INITIAL PRODUCT which can be modified upon your reasonable recommendations. 
  2. Hi all. If some of you guys are burdened with the high prices of hookah tobacco, I think I might be of help here. I only joined this forum yesterday, and as I mentioned in my introduction; I hope that I can contribute to the forum and its members more than I can benefit from it. With extensive knowledge in the manufacture of hookah tobacco and being burdened by the high prices of it, I believe I am capable -in fact I already did- of introducing the hookah tobacco for at least 40% cheaper. The reason is because many of the hookah brands out there don't manufacture their own juice -mu'assel-. In reality a lot of them buy it from wholesale manufacturers, then they add it to their tobacco, thus the middle man -in this case the first man- having a good cut of the price. For many reasons, I am able to cut this middle man, because I was an expert with the middle man.   What do you think guys, if a hookah tobacco is produced with really the highest quality of tobacco and all other constituents eg. flavors etc? Not only that but also eliminating the red-ish coloring that is usually added to the hookah tobacco to hide, God knows what, from the average eye of the consumer. My tobacco will reflect the true natural color of the tobacco, "not needing to hide anything from what is in the tobacco". Yet, All this for much cheaper.   I have already established my lab and been testing the end product and it is superb. Yet, because different people have different tastes, would anyone like to sample my products? Also, please be patient with me as I will only send the samples after testing all flavors - I am already more than half way through.   Thanks to all who read this and I'm eager to read your comments. 
  3. In fact.... yes I am. The reason: want to establish a shisha plant in canada. Still under studying. We have been providing raw materials and basis to many brands out there. new generation is in charge now and want to go from just being wholesalers to both wholesale and retail....will cut the cost of the middle man which will reflect in about 40% cheaper shisha tobacco prices. So what do you think?!! 
  4. For all of you guys out there, what are your perspectives on hookah tobacco prices? and what is the one criterion affecting your decision on buying a certain kind of hookah tobacco ie. look, price, taste, etc.?
  5. I think it is a good idea. The laws are a bit tough but everyone here some how finds a way around them :D
  6. Hi to all of you.. I am happy to have joined this forum. I hope to contribute more than I benefit. From my part I know my contribution will make everyone happy.