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  1. Smoking-Hookah

    Ordered the Great Outdoor Package!   Great product right out of box. Every item was individually wrapped tight in bubble wrap. The box was also full of the peanut styrofoam. It came with 4 50g boxes of shisha. The hookah itself was in great condition. The coals are quick light coals I'd say about 30seconds to 1minute. I would rate this product a 9.5-10. The only reason I say 9.5 is because the choice of shisa was a little bit dry. Other than that. I recommend this product to everyone!   -Them Hookah Dudes
  2. Alabama Al Smokers.

    Auburn Alabama!
  3. Hello Hookah World!

    Thanks. I look forward to the future with the hookah forums.
  4. Hello Hookah World!

    Hey Everyone! I'm new to the hookah world, but I already love it. I got my first hookah from some guy I know and I instantly fell in love with the taste and the clouds! I then instantly went a purchased a hookah from a site and now I can hardly wait for it to get here. I have decided to make videos and reviews on these products to better help the hookah community with there purchases. I'm new so I'm honest. What can I say, Honesty way is the best way. I sure hope everyone enjoys this site and enjoys my soon to come videos, as much as I do. I look forward to getting to know everyone a little better. If you have any little tips for me, please be sure to tell me. Thanks. -Them Hookah Dudes (Cody Mauldin)