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  1. What Music Do You Like?

    I like all kinds of music really, I listen punk, rock, hip-hop, club house and sometimes even Mozart. Weird, right ?
  2. The Human Torch Is Now Black....wtf?

    I guess they'll make a comic character from every race. The next Superman may be from Asia or Native Australian, who knows. I am not a racist.
  3. Cool to see where our Shisha is made. Love their apricot and watermelon flavors.
  4. Inhale Hookah?

    Seems like a good concept, but I dont think they'll have a decent smoke. What happens if everyone tries to pull ?
  5. Any Snuffers Out There?

    I snuffed once at friend's friend house, it had a cool mint flavor, but don't remember the name. It was definitely strange experience.
  6. Thank you for sharing this, I am cheap so I'll try this tonight. Will see if I can do it properly.
  7. Fun With Lavoo's

    Looks really cool, don't know if you noticed but you can make flags of different countries with that hookah :)
  8. What's Everyones Favorite Cigar?

    On special occasions I light a Cohiba or Gurkha Ghost. I am not a big fan on flavoured cigars though and prefer some classic Cubans.