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  1. Smoke Tricker In Maine - Say Hi!

    Is there a specific place to post new smoke trick ideas?
  2. Hey! So this is the first time I've ever joined a hookah forum. I started performing tricks around a year ago and have been dedicating time to it ever since. I love photography and catching that perfect moment when everything just looks awesome. More than that, creating new tricks - I got bored of the same old ones after I figured out how they worked. That being said I still can't get double and triple O's by holding my finger over my lips. It's been the one that driven me crazy for months :p I smoke from a green Nemora Cleopatra. I just love the clouds you can produce with a little VG and some decent coals. The reason I got on this forum is because I just recently got a lucky-as-hell video of what I have since dubbed "Nessie." The attached image was the result. Though not for lack of trying, I'm fairly certain I will never again be able to replicate this. Let me know what you think and tell me what's fun to do around here! Where should I post first?   Other introductory things: I'm a freelance Inventor and photographer in Maine! I love creativity in all its forms and those times when everyone is gathered around the hookah talking and smoking. I'm twenty, in school for neuroscience, and am eclectic to boot :)      
  3. Artistic Smoke - Luker47

    Here's some artist (read b/w filters) photos of my recent smoke tricks. Tell me what you think!