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  1. First off is this all glass hookah. It was custom made and is very thick glass. I bought this hookah for 125.00 foe it to be made then bought a perk for 15 and a female to female joint for 20.00 along with a hose joint and make shift hose tip. The hose tip and perk are both broken but are still able to use with a little rigging. Other than that the hookah is great. No cracks, chips, etc. Asking 80.00 foe the hookah no bowl. Includes shipping. Roughly 850-900g of fantasia Surfer. It is a nice blend of pinaple juice and coconut rum flavoring. AskingAsking 50.00 for the whole tub I paid 80.00. 55.00 included free shipping. Code 69 by starbuzz I bought a 1kg tub and only think half will be used so I am selling off the other half. Asking 30.00 for the 500g. Next up is 300g of Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew I am asking 15.00 for. Thank you for looking at my listing. Please either contact me on the forum or email me at 0406473@gmail.com for a quicker response. I am willing to trade shisha for other shisha. Please post offers below or as I stated above email me. I am in need of coco nar so if anyone hits me up before I get more I'd accept those as a trade aswell.
  2. Starbuzz, Fantasia And All Glass Hookah For Sale

    Hookah - 65.00 Surfers at 750g for 35.00    Code 69 & the melon dew has sold - 
  3. Starbuzz, Fantasia And All Glass Hookah For Sale

    Thank you!
  4. Starbuzz, Fantasia And All Glass Hookah For Sale

  5. Starbuzz, Fantasia And All Glass Hookah For Sale

    None of my devices are letting me submit pictures so I will get with a staff member to see how I can continue.
  6. Starbuzz, Fantasia And All Glass Hookah For Sale

  7. Just bought my new Itaste 134 mini and I have no use for this one… You wanna pack some heat? This is it! This thing is large and in charge! I have the Itaste 134, 2 18650 batteries (2200mAh & 2000mAh), Case, owners manual and original receipt for sale. NO CHARGER INCLUDED! I recently quit smoking and got hooked on these instead. Just upgraded to the Itaste 134 mini and a new dripper mod so I really don't have any use for this. If I can speak for myself, I took really good care of this mod. Threads are all in great shape! Vape with 510 or ego style tanks.    Min Watts:  6.5w Max Watts:  12.5w Avg Volts:  3.7v Weight w/ Battery: 12.07oz Durability:  Lets just say you could probably beat the hell out of someone and vape at the same time…  Materials:  All stainless steel construction w/ copper connections and rubber o-rings     I have around 240.00 invested. I am asking 110.00 or I can include a Iclear 30s w/ 2 extra rebuilt coils (28gage 2.0ohm & 2.1ohm coil) for 125.00. Free shipping. I can't budge much on the price but I am willing to trade all for a hana mod v3 DNA 30 w/ a basic 2 coil drip tank. I can throw in a few eliquids for a hana as well. Please no Hana Clones. Might be interested in other VW Drip mods prefer box mods but I will check out anything you throw at me!        Ebay Listing:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221459749489&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT  
  8. Dripper Tank

    Just bought this a few days ago to try out a smaller drip tank. Its a single coil drip tank that works great. Its orings are a little loose and has a little wiggle but it works fine. Maybe add another oring or rig it so its snug. I drilled out the hole a little bigger to my liking (a lot of smoke and a mouthful of flavor). No coils, kanthal, or wick included. Drip tank only. 10.00 shipped   I used it on my Itaste 134 and 134 mini. I built up to a 2.4ohm coil and it got scary hot. I vaped it at around 16 watts on my hana dna20 and i honestly couldn't tell a difference between that and my russian dripper… I wasn't told a brand when I purchased it for 19.00 from my local smoke shop so I assumed it was china. Even though they are basically the same I still use my russian because it has a bigger building deck and can take more coils and cotton. You get 3 really big hits then you have to drip again but maybe using cotton instead of the wick will add more cape. GREAT FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO START DRIPPING!!!   10.00 shipped - USA ONLY - Canada shipping will cost more     Please note: If you are vaping on a Itaste 134 or a regular vw mod such as mvp and a cool fire you will have to make sure you don't exceed the maximum ohm for that mod. It can damage your mod, explode you battery, or cause a fire hazard.      I will upload pictures in comments. I would say its about 1-1/2" tall x 1/2" wide 
  9. Did you try a flavor or two and didn't like it? I am looking for 0-6mg E - Juice. Name Brands Only! No homemade mixes please! I am fruity, candy, beverage, or some custard kinda guy. Theres quite a few flavors I dislike and quite a few flavors I really like so let me know whatcha got!
  10. Looking For A Bowl....

    Iso: Hookah Bowl - Tangiers Bowls or something nice.... Looking to spend 20-30 bucks... Not looking for something to fancy just something thats better than what I got now... 
  11. Looking For Hookah

    Looking to spend about 50.00. Looking for name brand but it doesn't have to be fancy.... I might have a few trades such as drippers, box mods, and mech mods (e-cigarettes). Just let me know whatcha got and if your interested in seeing what trades I have. 
  12. Looking For Hookah

    Completed:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/331359827789?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT   Got it for a really good deal - Custom made plus its a lot thicker than the roi and fumo hookahs!
  13. Looking For Amy Parts

    The local bar I attend to uses AMY hookahs and have tons of extra parts. I know the owner pretty well I will ask him tomorrow if he has some extras he'd be willing to give up/sell. 
  14. Looking For Hookah

    YEESSSS HaHa any of y'all have your dive license? HAHA
  15. Looking For Hookah

    Thats near hollywood and miami right? 
  16. Looking For Hookah

    thehelios   Thehelios, hows the roi bubble been? I miss that thing so so much haha! I will have to look boward up to see if its along where I am going to be scuba diving next week. Im going to Jupiter beach if its near there ill check them out. Dr. Smokes hows the draw on that one? Ive never really got into syrians just cause you have to pull a bit harder on them. Post pictures
  17. Looking For Hookah

    Yeah, Vape kings was really good I liked their eliquid but kinda forgot about them. I ordered from there when you messaged me and told me about their house burning down. I also had to have every mod out there just like I had to have every hookah lol 
  18. Looking For Hookah

    Only liquid I really like
  19. Looking For Hookah

    Space jam
  20. Looking For Hookah

    Idk 20.00 for 30 ml I couldn't find a cheap flavor that I liked dripping that was annoying
  21. Looking For Hookah

    Yeah, I switched to vaping but after I quit cigarettes it got kinda boring and rather exoensive
  22. Using Shisha Juice For Vape Juice?

    Okay… So I understand shisha is made out of glycerin, tobacco, flavoring. After you use up your shisha is it possible to smoke the e juice out of your dripper? Maybe strain it once to get the very fine impurities? I quit smoking hookah so I don't have any shisha laying around. If someone gets bored and tries it let me know what the results are! 
  23. Using Shisha Juice For Vape Juice?

    I didn't try it lol
  24. So Ive recently been looking at going to different coil builds and was wondering what are some of the general publics opinions of different coils. For one I am an abyss coil fan. I love this coils output on flavor and vape. My second would be the Argo Coil. Both can be seen on Rip Trippers Youtube channel. The abyss coil was by far the most building fun I have had period.      Whats your favorite coil builds? 
  25. Favorite Coil Builds And Coil Building Materials

    Hell yeah American dad is fucking awesome. I'm getting tired if watching this shit on YouTube... I need to find more coils as in getting bored with the current ones I've been doing...