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  1. How should I clean my regal? Do I use like wood furnisher polish? And the black paint on it? Boho base should I clean that on the outside lol?
  2. Homemade Drying Rack!

    I purchased some wood off lowes.com and I am going to make a nice one so I can keep it in my kitchen and will probable use the same stain as my cabinets.
  3. I love that vase of the vintage and the boho! I wish I had the cash… I just paid all my employee's yesterday so I am not feeling the giving today… I would buy both things…
  4. Well like I said before I practically work for them I just don't get paid nor am I on payroll but I just help out a lot there so I know that the black vase & carbon stems are used that much just because its hard to see the water line in them. They have black lights everywhere so theres no problem seeing the line when lights are on. Plus they are only 4 months old. But he isn't in the market to sell it at the moment. ):
  5. Homemade Drying Rack!

    I was thinking about using the full 6ft of that piece of wood I cut but I don't have enough pipes for that yet and I already have a similar design but store bought for my glass
  6. I will look into POTR and KOTR
  7. Shisha Storage

    Okay so I have this wine fridge that I would love to turn into a place where I can store shisha. I have shelves picked out and it has a lock on it so my employee's can steal my shisha while I'm not there haha! Little pinching assholes.. But anyways it does not work so I figured what the hell.. Beats the 10.00 id get for it in scrap. I was wondering if its still not plugged in will it cause shisha to dry out? I use to keep my cigs, and dry tobacco in there until it burnt out so I know it will dry stuff out quick but like I said what if it doesn't work? If it will still dry it out what if I get a very flat humidifier to go in there? Will this make things better even if it does work? Please help haha! Ill upload pictures of what I am talking about.
  8. What Music Do You Like?

    Lol wow a lot of mix and match there haha I am listening to redneck crazy right now I am country boy from florida so Country is top of my list at least lol   You see I may be wearing a hurley t-shirt in my profile picture but you can't really see it but I have a camo fox hat on and a grizzly in the darkness. 
  9. Homemade Drying Rack!

  10. Homemade Drying Rack!

    Idk it just reminds me one in the pink another in the stink… IMO haha.. I will upload new ones with out the stacks on deck…
  11. Homemade Drying Rack!

    I did feel like going out and buying one from walmart lol I hate walmart    Skoozle yours just looks like some kind of female toy… OR well I guess in some cases a unisex toy… 
  12. Homemade Drying Rack!

  13. So about a week and a half ago I bought the company and I Fumari ambrosia. I have about 1500 grams left and today when I went in to grab some to take home with me I stirred it up really good making sure I got all the juices spread out and I grabbed about 150g… Well when I got home I noticed it tastes a little soured… Every other time it tasted fine but I noticed a slight tastes last night when smoking it too… Theres nothing different about my set up other than the regal but it tastes the same out of my bubble. Should I acclimate fumari? I never heard of people doing that but I have 1500g in a rather large container so could this be the problem? Like I said the other 400g my employee's and I smoked tastes great but these past 3 bowls have been just unbearable… 
  14. My Fumari Tastes Weird…

    I packed a bowl when I started this thing and I just now packed a new bowl I let it sit out for a little without the top on and it tastes a little better so it may just be the juices that I didn't mix entirely. I will have to look at my batch at work I forgot to look when I went a 20 minutes ago…
  15. I know this topic has come up but I noticed they were all made in 2011-2012 when they came out. I was wondering if anyone has tried one now? I would love to get one just because the look of it but I am afraid the pull will be restricted or the coal's will not fit or just something stupid like that.. All the youtube video's I have seen are in other languages so thats no help and I can't find really anything specific on google. The ones I am interested in would be….    http://www.smoking-hookah.com/hookahs/unityhookahs/unity-hookahs/the-unity-hookah-black.html   http://www.smoking-hookah.com/hookahs/the-unit-hookahs/the-unit-3-0-hookah-diamond-black.html     Anyone know if a lotus would fit this? Anyone have any problems or concerns? I would love to buy one but I am a little skeptical of buying it for 200 and not liking it… Maybe I will post a wtb on trades. 
  16. Unity / Unit 3.0 Etc…

    I had it half an inch above the down stem but its hitting really good now. I think I am love <3
  17. Unity / Unit 3.0 Etc…

    Its slightly restricted for me. Nothing like what I have smoked in the past via km's or eqyptians but I am use to smoking like glass hookahs with wide ports. Idk now that I am smoking out of it now I don't think its restricted any more last night I had ice in the vase with a heba defuser on it so that may of been the problem..     And yes my previous collection I collected pipes from when I traveled and I had about 30 pipes on shelves in my room when I lived in spain but about 1/2 of them were just for decoration purposes. Some where only used once or twice and the 3-5 hookahs I smoked daily. I had no clue about restriction and what not I just knew I liked it and since most of the time I didn't understand the people I couldn't learn. Now that I am back in the US I am learning a lot more about hookah's. My second and basically current collection I have glass pipes spread out from my house to my work. That just consists of, well use to consist of 13 all glass pipes but now I'm down to 6 or 7. I am wanting to go back to traditional hookah's with a bit of rarity to them and more or less luxury hookah's. 
  18. My Fumari Tastes Weird…

    I put it in a plastic container 
  19. My Fumari Tastes Weird…

    I won't have pictures of the batch until I go back to work later around 4:00 but omg this sucks ass… 
  20. Unity / Unit 3.0 Etc…

    Don't get me wrong… I love the smoke, taste, and experience of each bowl I just prefer a little class or a nice conversational piece… My personal hookah's I smoke alone I don't like smoking with other people like my roi bubble… Thats my hookah. No ones else… Its just my opinion on hookahs
  21. Unity / Unit 3.0 Etc…

    After smoking that Regal I thought it was a bit restricted at first but I really liked it… I might buy a km but with all the brass pipes Ive owned in the past I think I want to go twords modern cool looking hookahs. Like this unity I won't buy it because I won't use it but I buy for look's and performance which some people only buy for performance. I like to have my hookah's on display wether at work or in the home office. I really wish I had pictures of my old collection before I sold them all… So many nice pipes but they were just all practically the same. I mean they have different carvings in them but that all had the same appeal to them for me.. With these glass hookah's before I started selling off this collection I had them all lined up on the wall in my office. People would walk in and either be like holy shit or what the hell are those. I liked that each one had a different loom and appeal to them that was on a significant level. Thats what I want to go for with my next collection… And if you can't tell I change collections a lot.     I think if I could find a unity for around 100 I would buy it just to say I've tried it… If I do get a brass I will get a 701 for sure even though it may be restricted I would purchase the widest hose on the market and say screw it. Just to say I have one lol… I was thinking about getting a halzone though I heard its really nice and has a wide open pull to it. umm…. I might look into that KM Prince. I heard a little about it but just not my appeal. Maybe something I can smoke out of often. I am also looking for another very small pipe that looks attractive with low mainance for work. I tried this regal at work today and it just didn't work to well on the desk.. I had to sit it on the ground which was alright but I like a small desk hookah for work… Maybe that unity if its non-restricted enough. But yeah… My preferences my be a little different than the average hookah smoker but it fits me and my desires. 
  22. Flappy Bird - 50K Per Day

    Android you can get for free apple I believe you can't unless you hack or jail break
  23. Flappy Bird - 50K Per Day

    I now hate that game and ebay won't let you sell the phones anymore with the game flappy bird I will upload pic in a minute
  24. Flappy Bird - 50K Per Day

    Oh I didn't know it was a hoax… Thats retarded… 
  25. Flappy Bird - 50K Per Day

    SAN FRANCISCO – Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has just been found dead in his home with a gunshot wound in his head. Authorities are confirming that Nguyen committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a pistol. Authorities are saying that the sensational game Flappy Bird had something to do with the suicide. There has also been 7 reports of other suicides around the U.S. today alone. Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has just taken Flappy Bird off app stores this morning and is believed to be the cause of the suicides. Flappy Bird was generating an estimated $50,000 daily just off in game advertisements. Dong Nguyen apparently could not handle the publicity as he said “It is not anything related to legal issues, I just cannot keep it anymore.” Nguyen was also posting similar tweets on his Twitter account. Authorities are still investigating the suicides as well as trying to find out Nguyen’s motives for taking down the famous game, Authorities believe it could have been death threats. Read more at: http://news-hound.org/creator-of-flappy-bird-commits-suicide/