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  1. InfernoRaven

    Shortage Of Tangiers Soon

    Nah it will just be a issue of planning ahead when you start to run low on things like every other lounge and shop here on the east coast that can't get ahold of Tangiers same day.
  2. InfernoRaven

    The Forum Issues Thread

    I freaked out a bit after it being down for such a long time, but also of note the Google redirect problem was back pre-server going down I am not sure if you repaired that or not when the server was down.
  3. InfernoRaven

    New Large Red Nammor Hose - Project Hose

    Yeah that wouldn't be fun.
  4. Wow my first hookah moment wasn't that bad honestly. I bought Natural Coals to start off with, a KM Pear with a Egy and a Rainbow Hose. Never forgot to put water in the base (I have however filled it too low and refuse to add more after my coals had been lit.)   My biggest fail was I didn't know how unbalanced a hookah was on carpet. set the sucker on carpet lighted some coals and was smoking a bowl and the hookah fell over and I freaked, burned my fav computer chair and the carpet. Started smoking outside after that then had a few online buddies show me what I had been missing.
  5. InfernoRaven


    Welcome to the Forum we can set you up with a good rig when your ready to buy :D
  6. InfernoRaven

    New Large Red Nammor Hose - Project Hose

    Personally if you have all the tools at your disposal Stuie I would just fix it and hang onto it
  7. InfernoRaven

    Looking For Mini Phunnels

    I wish you good luck on the hunt I managed to get one as my first Tangiers Phunnel a few years ago when I first started smoking the bowl lasted a good 4 year run before my cousin accidently bumped into the workbench I had my hookah stuff on and it fell from the shelf and hit the ground and became unrepairable it was a 2009 Mini Phunnel too....God I miss that bowl.
  8. InfernoRaven

    Steam Games

    I played this old game called GunZ the Duel back when it was first released Internationally back when I was in middle school it was first a standalone game run by the Korean Developers but then the Internation version shutdown for Localized Versions like North American GunZ the Duel picked up by ijji games (defunct) I was a master of K-Style a Katana skill and the game was great the K-Style made this small time game a great game....I just saw that GunZ 2: The Duel is available on steam.....The Opinion is still out.
  9. InfernoRaven

    So On A Betta Fish Forum....

    2. Will we ever get over 100, probably not.
  10. InfernoRaven


    Here is the link to dissolvable tobacco O.O http://us.swedish-snus.com/dissolvable-tobacco-int.html
  11. InfernoRaven


    Ah swedish snus, we down here refer to them as snus not snuff, similar to pouches but not quite, I heard they are extremely popular with women over the pond. But I have never seen them locally.   Florida Terminology:   Snuff = Nasal Snus = Swedish Snus Dip = Moist Snuff Chew = Chewing Tobacco   I have seen the scientific data that shows that Swedish Snus is better than anything American, I also saw they are coming out with nicotine *shots* to add to your drink similar to the now shotdown Nicotine Water idea.
  12. InfernoRaven


    Are you guys talking about Nasal Snuff? Because for some reason it is the only form of tobacco use I have not personally tried I think mostly the thought of sniffing tobacco up my nose freaks me the fuck out.   I do however Dip (Moist Snuff) on the Regular Copehagen Straight I find that to be pretty darn relaxing I can do it why working with both my hands free or relaxing at a computer terminal. Just got to watch your spit bottles I personally keep one and wash it regularly and reuse it. Screw Caps Only. However I never leave a bottle in a public place just sitting around. It is gross to leave spit cups lying around.   My favorite form is Chewing Tobacco but Price + The Increased Quanity of Spit = Not Effective for Regular use especially anything with a lot of talking. You would also have to empty your spittoon several times during one chaw.
  13. InfernoRaven

    Flappy Bird - 50K Per Day

    No the game was removed because the developer hated the publicity. However sellling a phone advertized as having Flappy Bird is infringment as your selling someone elses work without permission.
  14. InfernoRaven

    Steam Games

    Same I lack the patience to buy bundles I do pickup a buy this game and get the prequels for free if I know the series or it looks interesting but I stick to steam, they rarely let me down unless it is the developer shafting you. Customer Service however sucks.
  15. InfernoRaven

    Flappy Bird - 50K Per Day

    Yeah it is copyright infringment.
  16. InfernoRaven

    Steam Games

    I love RUST it is amazing if you find a good server, I like one that is just between friendly and insane in terms of players there is just enough danger but not enough to where you can't make friends.
  17. InfernoRaven

    Steam Games

    I have all my Assassin's Creed Games, Hitman Games on Steam as well lately I have been Hopping between Defiance (A New MMO based off of a SyFy show) and RUST (Early Alpha)     If anyone wishes to add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/infernoraven007
  18. Stainless other than basic cleaning this pipe will never dull or fade (for the most part)   Brass/Copper you have to worry about oxidation, but the weight, look and feel are why more enthusiasts smoke from these.   Also FYI large brass pipes + polishing = Pain in my backside so now I watch television why I polish for several hours.
  19. InfernoRaven

    What Are You Reading?

    Re-Reading the Percy Jackson Books and all connected series.