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    Sorry for the giant wall of text, I forgot that Tapatalk doesn't seperate paragraphs quite like it should, and I can't edit the post for some reason.
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    I'm Jeremy, 25, and from a middle-of-nowhere town in Louisiana (in the general vacinity of Shreveport/Bossier for anyone familiar with the region). While I would say I am primarily a music lover and gamer my list of hobbies is rather lengthy, and I am looking to add hookah BACK to it. A few years ago a few friends and I decided to make a spur of the moment road trip to Florida, and in amongst our circuit of college(aged) kid wanderlust we wound up in a hookah lounge. I'm not even 100% sure anymore what the name of the place was or which of the cities we visited it was in, but regardless I loved the experience enough to get my own hookah. I ended up with a cheap little set up from a local tobacco shop (I've seen a similar looking pipe listed as a "mini obsidian mod" on various sites), but a few months in various things came up in life that sort of pushed hookah to the background. Then this past weekend I was proof reading a short story for a friend and a scene set in a hookah lounge sparked up the urge to pack a bowl and just chill for a while. Sadly it will be a little while before I can as upon pulling the little hookah out of our closet o' random crap I discovered that the stem is in pretty rough shape. I figured there's no harm in brushing the rust off my knowledge and discussing the hobby in the mean time, so here I am. Sent by the power of Greyskull