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  1. The King

    Obama Or Mccain?

    Thats fine wind and turbine energy sources are all motions in the right direction, but so is buying American. And a lot of Chevy and GM models are still made here in the US, but yeah some are made down in mexico, like the HHR.
  2. The King

    Obama Or Mccain?

    Ugh, I cant believe I just read all that, haven't been on these forums in months, and this is what i chose to read. This thread has been so much like bullshit politics, there is way to much vague comments like we need change, I think both candidates are looking to make changes. Also, there is so much more slamming the opposing candidate than giving actual positive factors about your candidate of choice. Second, stop complaining about unemployment, then encourage people to buy a prius. Buy an american made car, then you have actually had your subtle effectect on the economy. And yes, drill here. PLEASE. Why not become dependent on our own oil, even if it is for a short time it lasts. Hopefully we will be able to kick our super dependency on oil by the time our supply runs out. And again, it would make many jobs for our citizens. THe answer isn't isn't raising taxes to give everyone health coverage, then out sourcing the work that makes our medication. We just need to get back to being an industrial nation. Can't keep shopping at walmart buying everything made overseas and expect our economy to get better. The more people put out of work by our consumers relying on foreign made products, the more people that you are going to have to support on your dollar through taxes. And close the friggin borders, and start making people come to this country legally. Not saying don't let people in, but make them register as cictizens and pay taxes just like everyone else. Seriously a lot of the work we can't outsource, like construction is just being preformed by illegals who send their money back to mexico and dont pay any taxes here. I mean you can't blame them for doing it, it's our fault. Let them come work, but make them do it legally and pay taxes just like us. Well I have to get back to work and close my shift up.
  3. The King

    Just An Idea

    If your hookah was in the oven, you would be pulling air through from the oven...HOT air, I can't imagine it would be close to enjoyable.
  4. Man, haven't been on the forums in probably 3 or 4 months, but this caught my eye, as I do love SB. I don't believe him, but he's right the only way to know really is just do a comparison...so whatever the hell your name is, where can i get this stuff online, or will someone ship it to me? I'll give it a go.
  5. The King

    Xbox 360

    Alright, set up live last night, played for abit and I'm on right now too. After about 15 minutes of looking for any available name and having my brother annoy the shit out of me I finally made my gamer tag "Better Than Lee" lee's my brother's name. I'll be playin mostly rainbow six vegas and halo2 till halo3 comes out, add me
  6. The King

    Xbox 360

    Got my 360! I'm probably just gonna play halo2 till halo3 comes out as I just spent most of my paycheck and don't wanna blow the rest on another game quite yet... I might get madden 08 or Rainbow six 3... but I'll be playin halo2 tonight and online so just send me a pm if ya wanna play. Bout to set live up here in a few
  7. The King


    Gotta love hookah life... Well my order was a long and way more complioctaed than it should have been, because of me. I actually asked them in June or somethin like that about special ordering a mya vortex, and they quoted me a price. But i never actually ordered it, wasn't sure about spendin that money at the time. Well a couple of weeks ago I asked if there was any chance the offer stands, they said yes. I bugged them several times with questions about the hookah, what comes with it, and other stuff. So finally about 2 weeks ago I ordered it, great price by the way. I got a blue mya vortex with 2 hoses, the freebies with that including a case with lock, plus a kilo of shisha and a box of three kings coals for 160 after shipping. Hookah is amazing looking. I'll write a review later maybe on it with pics. Anyways, I called them up a few times, asked if they could ship it to my friends house I stayed at for a few days. They did, and they got the special order to me in like 7 days, i was really happy. Everything was packaged neatly, everything included, and everything quality. With all my emails, they replied quickly and were really nice about eveerything. They definately just gained themselves a loyal customer, I really recommend them top anyone. Overall, 11/10. went beyond perfect with such a long order process by me.
  8. The King

    Cs, Dod?

    Well if someone wants to pitch in...
  9. The King

    The Impossible Quiz

    beat it.... im bored... my hookah might come today!
  10. The King

    So I Finally Made The Ny Times' Blog...

    Oh word, cool man
  11. Usually have a mixed drink of some sort, preferably a jack and coke
  12. The King

    New Hookah Design

    Well if you look at mine there wouldn't be any more water than normal... That's why I said it would have to come out of the water and back in so that water would not be able to fill those bends
  13. The King

    Cs, Dod?

    like the name I use in games, Either SnoopFrogg or The King... probably The King. I don't work tomorrow we should play, you got an aim?
  14. The King

    Xbox 360

    Well duh, i figured it made you better at halo and all, but is it actually any different?
  15. The King


    Hey, i too like beer hookah and beer! but why'd you melt that dog? pretty fucked up... are you micheal vick?