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    From the album: Me

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    Hookah To Go!?

    omg that is so awesome! I would love it if I saw that while waiting in line! haha
  3. Mizo cherry yesterday, Mizo raspberry today. I want to know where to get the cinnamon roll flavor! that sounds delicious
  4. Nyx

    So On A Betta Fish Forum....

    4 That brunette pic makes my back hurt LOL
  5. Nyx

    Tips On Surviving This Winter?

    That. is. awesome. LOL I will definitely have to try that flavor! What brand(s) carries that flavor??
  6. I like the idea and symbolism of marriage, but I don't feel like it's necessary to put it on paper; too many stupid legal things to worry about. When my bf and I get married someday, I would love to do rings and a small ceremony as I feel that is all that is necessary <3 The way you feel about each other is the most important part of it all
  7. Nyx

    Tips On Surviving This Winter?

    omg there's an horchata flavor!? Like the drink?
  8. I just bought a single burner from walmart for my coco ultimates; do you have to put foil or anything on the burner when laying coals on it to heat up?
  9. lol I looked for one too because I think this idea is awesome! LOL I'm a girl though, so that probably won't seem as weird haha my bf thought this idea was absolutely hilarious XD
  10. Nyx

    Home Made Heba Diffuser How-To

    Cool! Thanks for the idea, I used this same method but used an empty travel-size spray bottle that you can get at WalMart for a little over $1 :D It works great if you poke enough holes in it, and it should work for hookahs with longer stems   They come in different colors too if that sort of thing matters to you haha
  11. That looks awesome! Does it smoke pretty good?
  12. If anyone else lives in the coralville, ia area, I just found a store that sells al fakher and mizo shisha! It's called global mart, and is right next to gamerz and the old hookah bar; I just found it out today and got some mizo for a quick weekend fix lol I'm sure most everyone orders online, but I thought i'd mention it just in case anyone is in a pinch for shisha ^_~
  13. I'm new to the hookah scene (and forums too lol) and live in the cedar rapids/iowa city area, but am having a hard time finding any good places that sell shisha that are still around; pretty much most of the ones that pop up in a yahoo search I heard aren't around anymore x_X   I know there's one or two hookah bars/lounges in Iowa city, but heard that buying shisha in lounges is expensive?
  14. ah, it's heero yuy! :D

  15. Yeah, I really wish I would have too lol I didn't realize it was a chinese knockoff *grrr* It's an SS hookah and smokes ok, but its really not worth its price; I accidentally ordered from the wrong hookahshisha website, my bf forgot to put the dash in the hookah-shisha web address when he texted me about the website XD As soon as I can I will probably order a mya to at least get a better stem, I've already ordered a better base because I don't really like this one.
  16. I'll be fine if I never have to see christian bale or jason statham in a movie ever again >_<
  17. Nyx

    Show Off And Discuss Your Pets!

    My green-cheek conure Alice:     And my cockatiel Star:  
  18. the picture came out a little blurry, but the figures I have there are Lulu from FFX, Aeris from FF7, and a gothic dressed Asuka from the anime Evangelion ^_^
  19. I saw an old thread for showing off your own hookah spaces, but it was really old and I didn't want to necro lol I'm new to hookah, but thanks to you guys I'm slowly getting more educated XD   Well anyway, here's my favorite spot in my apartment to lounge:     and the view opposite the couch:     I also love lounging in my small bedroom as I just have a mattress and boxspring that sit on the floor against the wall (no headboard), and I like to pile all of my soft pillows against the wall and relax :)
  20. Nyx


  21. Oh really? dang, I wish I would've known that before ordering from hookahkings.com. I also noticed today that the glass base it came with had a 'made in china' sticker on the bottom which pissed me off; their site claims it only sells high quality stuff >_< ugh I have a lot to learn lol
  22. Nyx

    Beginners Info

      That's why I've been getting headaches with my smoking sessions then! Haha I'm a newbie also and my first hookah came with quicklights; I wasn't sure if it was the charcoal or free shisha samples it came with that were the culprit lol
  23. I also have another newbie question about packing lol I have a standard bowl (I ordered my hookah from hookahkings.com), and I heard tight packing yields the best flavor and smoke, but I thought you still have to allow airflow through the shisha? I'm just not sure how I could best do that with my standard bowl.
  24. Im not familiar with brands yet, but i love anything that is cherry, green or red apple, and blueberry :) I've tried raspberry and it is very good; pretty much any 'berry' is good with me lol I've also tried rose, which is ok, but never really seems to give me a good buzz; of course its possible I may not be doing something right as well haha