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  1. Greetings hookah lovers. About a year ago I bough my dream hookah, the MP5. I love the hookah and it has somewhere between 40-50 sessions on it. After a few sessions, I wanted to try out the glass hose, so I put an order in for one. Once again, I loved it. Has been cleaned after ever use and I honestly couldn't ask for a better hookah. But the with a new job, I rarely smoke any more. There is no damage to the hookah at all and I have it sitting on my counter for people to admire. I am very proud of the hookah and is a FANTASTIC conversation piece. I do NOT have to sell this, but for my asking price, I will let it go. You will not regret this purchase.   With the purchase, you will receive:   Hookah Glass Bowl Glass Breather Valve Upgraded Glass Hose Original Hose Tongs   I have about $350 into this set up, so I will NOT sell it dirt cheap. I am asking $225 SHIPPED to the US with insurance.   Tangiers Spearmint 250g ~ $15 Shipped US.   With any Purchase, I'll PM you my phone number to keep in contact and send you updates, pictures of packaging, tracking number...etc. I only ask that you work with me for a few days as I have a busy schedule during the week, so it might take me a few days to make it to the shipping center. But you will have my number and I will get back to you within a few minutes.   Like any additional pictures? I'm happy to help.  
  2. sdpupillo

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    Thanks guys! I'm a big fan of the alien with the lotus. It lasted a lot longer and wasn't harsh at all. Definitely not a smooth pull like the lavoo, but I am satisfied. About to pack a bowl of the mint chocolate chill.
  3. sdpupillo

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    Well here she is guys.   KM ceramica, Alien mini, KM hose, Lotus....   Smoking it now and it's different from my LaVoo, but I'm loving it all the same.  
  4. sdpupillo

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    How is the lucid peach tea?
  5. sdpupillo

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    Actually, no I didn't. <_<   But the car has gotten me plenty of female attention. Especially when its 90* and I have the tops off. Ladies love T-tops haha. Need to get myself a girlfriend so she can take some shots with the car in a bikini.   I think the funniest part of the car is hearing what people are willing to offer you for the car. I've had all sorts of trade offers and people offering me cash.
  6. sdpupillo

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      Nope that's not mine, I have the trans am. It's my baby. Took many years to find the right project, and that's her. I had actually look at newer camaros, but I didn't want the car payment and I think the 98-02 TA's are ome of the sexiest cars ever made. Pretty much my two favorite things, hookah and cars :wub:  
  7. sdpupillo

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    Never mind, Seller backed out.
  8. sdpupillo

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    Honestly, I'm not sure. Will get pictures of it when I get back.
  9. sdpupillo

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    Hmm I guess I'll keep thinking about it.   I found a used KM for a good price of $60 and that will give me a great idea on if I should buy a new one. Hell, maybe I'll just love my used one and keep that one for a while. But I am very excited to get it in. The seller said it comes with a few bowls but didn't specify what kinds. So you guys might be able to help me on that one. Had to go in to work late today because my pride and joy showed up today after being away from her for amost 6 weeks!  
  10. sdpupillo

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    I have read a few things articles that stated that the pico bowls give thinner clouds than a regular small bowl. How are they compared to the regular small bowl?   I enjoy thick clouds. Thin/weak clouds don't do much for me.
  11. sdpupillo

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      Thank you for that! I am a huge tangies smoker so that's the kind of review I'm looking for!
  12. sdpupillo

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    I'm actually watching 3 of those hookas right now lol. I'll do a bit more research on the bowls. Thanks again!     I'll be here for a while. I am forums all the time so I would love to stick around and share my experiences. My new place has the flat top stove so I don't want to light my coals on that. I ordered a burner from hookah-shisha along with a kaloud and I want to smoke really bad now. But my stuff won't be here until tomorrow. Talk about a terrible tease haha.   Thanks again for the input fellas.
  13. sdpupillo

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    Thank you for the help man! I am looking at buying a new one, but money is tight since my move was so expensive. I hope to pick up a used on first to see how I like them. I am assuming I will enjoy it, so when I do I'll buy one new.   As for the bowl, I heard alien was a good bowl to go with. I will definitely read up on the pico bowl. Thanks for the input!