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  1. bolt in blue

    I Quit Smoking Hookah

    Been a long time since I was remotely active on here, but I'm only smoking a couple of times a year. In college, I had roommates that hookahed so we'd smoke every few days at least. I also had a number of local friends that liked smoking and we'd frequently hang out on summer evenings and smoke. I don't have as many local friends who like the hookah (or at least that I know like it) and have been busy since going back to school, so I haven't been smoking much. Also have picked up some other expensive hobbies that have eaten into my funds (travel, scuba, cars, motorcycles). I'm working from home some days these days, so once it cools down a bit, I plan to start making Tuesdays smoke while I work days. I did it once back in the spring, but it's just too hot today to make me want to go outside - and I've had enough carpet burns and now what we know about hookah and CO to not want to smoke inside.
  2. bolt in blue

    Blast From The Past.

    I think I still have some of Smiley's horchata from before his quality dropped in my stash. I keep telling myself that I need to buy less shisha and smoke more of what I already have but I'm not doing a great job.
  3. bolt in blue

    Who's Smokin Now?

    Just finished some Tangiers Melon while relaxing in the hot tub. Made for a relaxing evening!
  4. bolt in blue

    Electrical Engineering

    It sounds like you'd be a good fit for electrical. Although computer may actually do more with robotics depending on the school. I'd try to look for an undergraduate research opportunity doing robotics since that's what you love. For us, electrical was generally about designing systems that used high voltage power. Computer was about designing computer hardware. Things that fell in the middle could be easily done by either. Both computer and electrical had a little software development thrown in. Computer did more stuff with embedded systems while electrical was taking courses on AC power. Computer science was what the hardcore software people went after. Our electrical and computer engineering department was one of the hardest in the school. They actually tried to combine our ECE and CS departments to turn the degrees offered from electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science into electrical engineering, computer hardware engineering, and computer software engineering so that people could better specialize and there was less overlap. One of the departments had ego problems and so the whole thing fell apart and the ECE and CS departments ended up even more separate than before - current students have no courses from the other department.
  5. bolt in blue

    Electrical Engineering

    I did computer engineering. Same department at my school. Close enough?
  6. bolt in blue

    Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    I've got a bachelor's party all afternoon and night so I'm going to have to pass this time.
  7. bolt in blue

    Gauging Your Ears

    I have 14s in my ears. I haven't ever worn anything in my holes to work but continually debate starting to wear my rings there. I wear them everywhere else I go and have decided that they're staying in next time I need to interview for a job. I see guys with pierced ears all the time around my office building and at the places to eat around my building. I would definitely start wearing them at work if there were other guys in the office with their ears pierced. Back when I got them pierced, I thought about stretching them but ended up only going from 16g to 14g. Of course, I got mine pierced after I was done with school so I might have done it differently if I had gotten pierced faster. If I could do it over again, I would have gotten them pierced years faster since I wanted them back then and just never did it. As long as you don't stretch too fast or go too big, there's a very good chance they'll shrink back down to a normal earring size if you decide you don't want them later, so I would say go for it. If you're not sure, maybe stay on the smaller side of things but you can get some pretty sweet plugs at the smaller sizes.
  8. bolt in blue

    How Many Hookah's Do You Own?

    Two. My first hookah was a Mya Bambino, which I still have and use. I also have a KM that was sold to me as the "On the Rocks" model. It's a pretty standard 39" with an ice chamber. I like them both but I've been using the Bambino more recently since it's a lot easier to clean.
  9. bolt in blue

    Dc Area People - Need Help

    A little googling indicates that the place I saw is Arabica at 1110 W Broad Street, Falls Church. Thanks Cp44!
  10. bolt in blue

    Dc Area People - Need Help

    [quote name='Hassouni' timestamp='1296667370' post='496556'] So I'm in McLean, and my local Lebanese store (Gourmet Basket) stopped selling CCNs - is there anywhere else in the DC area that sells them for a reasonable price? They sold 84 pc for $14, the only other option I found was B&K newsstand in Adams Morgan, $25 for 108! Wayyyyy too high! Anywhere else in DC/MD/VA? Khan el Khalili, Lebanese Butcher, and Assal Market don't sell CCNs, what about the places in Skyline? [/quote] Did you check the place that's by the Falls Church Staples on route 7? I forget the name, but there's a dedicated hookah store there. I've always been in a hurry when I've been over that way, so never made it inside. I know I've seen hookah stuff at the Indian store on 123 in Vienna by Assal Market that's between Wendy's and Giant. They didn't have CCNs when I was there and everything seemed expensive, but I haven't been there in probably 3 years. I was actually surprised that they had hookah stuff.
  11. bolt in blue

    Cast Mini Phunnel

    Those bowls look awesome! I took a chunk out of my mini (it still works but is ugly) and would love to replace it with one of these that is going to be more resilient to my stupidity. I have a small too but I feel like I waste so much shisha with it. I'm happy to test one out and am happy to cover shipping or something.
  12. bolt in blue

    Cast Mini Phunnel

    The current bowl looks awesome! I'm definitely interested in one when they're ready.
  13. bolt in blue

    Settlers Of Catan

    Catan is one of my favorite games - never played it online but have the board game and the iPhone app.
  14. I'm in, although I'm going to be out of town the last two weekends of the month.
  15. bolt in blue

    Cast Mini Phunnel

    I'm in too! Looks pretty sweet.