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  1. Legatus

    Hookah In Movies, TV, and Video Games

        There it is
  2. Legatus

    Hookah In Movies, TV, and Video Games

    I hadn't had the time to take a screenshot yet, because I logged off right after this to go to bed. I was playing Wildstar last night and after exploring some Aurin settlements, I noticed that they have MASSIVE hookahs in their settlements. It's quite funny considering how tiny they are in game. I'll get a screenshot when I can.
  3. Legatus

    Moving Out Of State Sale

    Let me know if the tang hasn't sold yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I submitted my comments to the FDA, but they will probably be ignored as the war on the rights to enjoy tobacco is near its end. It's a shame that "The Land of the Free" has come to this.
  5. Legatus


         I really enjoy Versace Man Eau Fraiche, How does eros compare to it?   Personally? I think Eros is better. In my opinion, I think the scent has a "classier male" tone to it, but that's just me.   News, I just got Invictus by Paco Rabanne. It's a sportier scent with crisp and light tones to it. Not my favorite, but great for a light spring day.
  6. I have a feeling that we're just a couple of years away before smoking hookah is illegal in this damn country.
  7. Legatus


    I really enjoy cologne so I have some which you may like. All of the ones I'm going to mention are very popular with women (around me.) Play by Givenchy- mild and sweetish in scent. One of the most preferred with the ladies. Pros: Cheap- 45, mild and very popular. Con: Since it's so mild, you need to reapply constantly throughout the day if you're out for more than a few hours Eros by Versace is my current favorite. Very popular with those around me and has a "elegantly classy" scent to it. It's long lasting and it works with any apparel. The downside? It's pretty expensive at 85 dollars (when I bought it). Acqua di Gio is more of an professional/formal outing cologne, in my opinion. It is VERY strong so a spritz is more than enough. It's meant to be covered with layers. Pricy, but great for formal occasions. Guilty by Gucci has a similar review to my Eros, but this one has a slightly muskier scent to it. I believe it is slightly cheaper than Eros. That's all I can think of without seeing the rest of my collection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Legatus

    Guess Who's Gonna Be A Daddy...

    Agreed, college has kept me busy, but congratulations! CIgars, errr, hoses all around!
  9. They look like they're made of cheap, painted plastic, I really don't like that design. They could have done better.
  10. That sounds pretty nice actually. I'd be interested!
  11. Legatus

    What Are You Reading?

    I just finished Hemingway's "The Sun also rises" and it was phenomenal. Now I'm starting The Paleo Manifesto.
  12. Legatus

    Meals And Hookah

    Haha, this is quite a surprising turn out of opinions. Personally, I like to compliment the food because I feel each can supplement the others, if done right. I had Karahi the other night and paired it with the lemon shisha. I guess it's the foodie part of my that likes to mix my two loves.
  13. As I am sure that we all know, it is not wise to have a hookah session of an empty stomach and food and hookah have been paired together for a long time. This brings to my question to you all, do you have any preferences of food that you like to mix with hookah? Perhaps a special flavor of shisha? The other day I brought home some Afghani take out and enjoyed it with some lemon shisha. Other than that, I like to mix a nice smoke session with savory foods.   What about you guys?
  14. Angelini Watermelon, deliciousness.