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  1. CzechMate

    Deprekate's Collection

    Update us with a pic of the collection as it stands today. I always enjoy seeing your findings.
  2. I think it is that Iraqi Babylon hookah
  3. How much does it weigh with water???
  4. What is the rssbot and all of the news posts all about??
  5. CzechMate

    $60 Bowl

    I actually like the idea, nice find I wish the success
  6. What are you donating chreees??
  7. What websites are selling this pipe? what is the lowest price you guys have seen it going for?
  8. i dont understand this "surgical" grade materials? Do these companies just apply these terms as marketing strategies? Like "aircraft" aluminum or "space grade" metals, "super" fruits? What makes this material "surgical"? Sounds likes a great way just to increase the price to associate a material with a respected industry.
  9. CzechMate

    Happy Bday Stuie!

    Happy Birthday Stuie, i hope you a great time with your family and enjoy some hookah. 
  10. Did this sell? Saw that it was taken down on Ebay, curious if someone on here grabbed it.
  11. CzechMate

    Purge Valve Corroded? (Mya Qt)

    15 people is pretty rough. lol you pass it around twice and the bowl needs to be repacked. just buy more hookahs man.