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  1. NargileClub

    Smiley's $15 Hookah

    Hey I am sorry you missed out. I did have a great Hookah Hook Up. We hooked alot of people up here. But recently I noticed because of all the Hoopla. Some people are forgetting That I always try to help and to provide something nice for you guys. We will see I have a bunch more comeing from my uncle. So maybe i will do it again. But I have to see if people can settle down and quit picking on me and others. I love to provide a good Hookah for a Nice price. But again I feel that we need to learn to get along before anymore love is doled out. So with that Smoke Well firends and Be Nice to each other. That includes me. smiley
  2. NargileClub

    Smileys Price Increase

    +1 me niether
  3. Ahh she's a cutie. Sorry to see you go. I hope you and your family have a strong and happy future. Your the man. See you sometime somewhere else. Cool Runnings Smiley
  4. QUOTE (oggie505#2 @ May 19 2007, 03:03 AM) Just wondering if there is any news on the accounts. I liked being a member in the 800's..lol HEHEHE
  5. Check This vedio out. It show a basic mrthod of set up. Also it is German. But the video is set to music. Hope this helps Smiley Set up Hookah Video
  6. NargileClub

    Hookah Love

    QUOTE (Gaara @ May 18 2007, 07:26 PM) Does this mean you've returned or just apologizing? Returned Smiley
  7. All I have to say is Stargate Rotator. Or a Syrian definatly a Lebanese if you can find them. Smiley
  8. Hey guys I want to say I am sorry to anyone that I may have offened. I also want apoligize for Taking off without explanation. But all is well. So to make things right with the friends and family. Randy and I are giveing a gift with your orders from us to you. If you come to us and spend you hard earn money with us. We want to give a roll of 33mil quick lites and a Jar of Smiley'Sexy Shisha with every purchase. Min purchase has to be at least $59.95 or more. We also lowered the prices on all of our Hookahs. I hope all is well. Again very sorry for my anger. I hope we can have alot fun in the future. I hope that all of your profiles get returned to you. I think it is only fair. Smoke well friends Smiley
  9. NargileClub

    Mya Saray V. Khalil Mamoun

    I have 39 Kahil Hookahs in the Lounge. I bought them almost two years ago from Social Smoke. They still work like a Champ. I have had to replace the three of the Vaes but thats it. They get used seven days a week from 11am till we close at 2am. So like a Timex Watch. They take the Kicking and Keep on Smokeing. Smiley
  10. NargileClub

    Pondery: Old Shisha

    Smoke it. Still good. I have shisha that is four years old in my fridge at home. I smoke it once in awhile. Not because its bad. But because the company stop impoting to the Us. It is soooo damm good that I had ration it out. I started with 6 kilos down to less than a 100 grams. I won't be able to get more. At least for awhile. Long while. Mixed fruit is the Flavor. The brand is Baharaini made in Jordan. Smiley
  11. NargileClub

    Hookah Bliss Part 1

    Yeah for Bliss. Looks great read your news article written about the place. Very Nice Smiley
  12. NargileClub

    I Want A New Hookah

    Get one... You can never have to many Hookahs. LOL Smiley
  13. NargileClub

    Any Last Suggestions

    Be careful with South Smoke. I have had some interesting dealings with them. I don't care for there Selfish attatude and lack of care for the customers. I would check out Hookah Company also. George will help you out. Smiley
  14. NargileClub

    The New Nargile Club Catalog

    Hey guys here is a Update. I am backk. We will see how the Mods handle this place. I am just happy that GD is back. Still waiting to see if the rest of the people threads and info will be restored. So here is the new stuff for the Club. We are adding new Smiley Sexy Flavors. Also adding Bambino Hookahs.Plus some inexpensive Washable Cobra Hoses. Also are adding Tangier Bowls and Vortex Glass Mods for the Tangier Bowls. Alot is going on. Also if your a Vendor and want to carry The Smiley Brand Products. Just drop us a email at www.nargileclub@gmail.com Randy,Sarah or myself will help you out. Congrats to Mush for getting Bliss off the Ground. Stoaked for you bro. Smiley
  15. NargileClub

    200$ To Spend

    QUOTE (sebby_0 @ May 17 2007, 07:26 AM) Ok, so I have around 200$ dollars to spend not including shipping. I would like to buy fromk hookah-shisha.com. Also since I live in Sri Lanka I have no access to any supplies such as coal or tobacco here. So I need to order a big supplies of these things. I would also like to buy a new pipe. So, basically, if you were in my position what would you buy? Hope this helps Smley