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  1. Nak caramel goes great with cocoa, coconut & berry flavors.  I keep a big tub around for mixing.
  2. Tips On Surviving This Winter?

    On the up side scored Cane mint & horchata.  So it could be worse.
  3. Tips On Surviving This Winter?

    Got 9 inches of snow here tonight outside Philly.  Going down to 0 tonight or tomorrow night.  Kids are off from school again.  Snow is a four letter word...
  4. Howdy all! I am Joel from a Northwestern suburb of Philly.  I smoked my first hookah a few months ago after dinner at a Morracan restauruant and was absolutely blown away.  The taste and relaxation were amazing.  I happened to stop in a local tobacconist just on a whim a few days later & they had hookahs, shisha & coals.  I bought the basics & started to try things.  It's now become an integral part of my daily routine. I'm an amateur but I have learned a bit about what I like (& don't) pretty quickly.  I usually use a vortex bowl & a few favorite flavors but enjoy trying just about everything. Thanks for the forum, a wealth of great info here.  If anyone knows of some good lounges in the area that are open during the day please let me know.  Who knows, maybe we can hook up & share a bowl. Have a excellent day!