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  1. hookahismylife

    Crown Sale! Tips, Bowls And Hose

    Cried. lol
  2. hookahismylife

    Posting Issues!

    Yeah I can't send any PMs and I am sad - I wanted to buy someones stuff XD 
  3. hookahismylife

    Crown Sale! Tips, Bowls And Hose

    Are you by any chance still holding onto that Orb? 
  4. hookahismylife

    Crown Sale! Tips, Bowls And Hose

    Are you by any chance still holding onto that Orb? 
  5. hookahismylife

    What To Buy, Out Of The Loop

    I just got Haze's Double Bubble smells like big red gum smokes nicely. I like it a lot.    Um. I'm not to sure about any other spice like shisha though as I dont smoke it a lot.    If you're not anti fruit Al Fahkers Peach is banging <3
  6. Hi guys!! So I know I havent posted here much but here we go! I am working on a huge Hookah Website project right now and part of it is doing reviews. So below is the list of accessories and shisha I wish to buy!!! If you have thoughts and or suggestions let me know what you think!!!    ACCESSORIES Lulava Hose and Extender (the drawl is tight i know that much) Phunnel Bowl Kaloud Charcoal Holder D Hose Mystique Ice Tip     AL FAHKER Mango Watermellon (this is said to taste like a jollyrancher!!! om nom) Cola (mmm soda.) Grape (this one excites me because it apparently tastes like grape juice!!!) FUMARI White Gummy Bear Ambrosia STARBUZZ Blue Surfer SOCIAL SMOKE Caramel Apple Cinnamon Apple HAZE Pumpkin Pleasure Carnival Lights FANTASTIA Black Mamba Cotton Candy Strawberry Daiquiri
  7. Help help help!!!    I bought a vortex bowl and natural coals tonight as well as a KM hookah ;)    It is my first time with natural coals and i'm having the worst time :( Gas lit, and when I pull NOTHING happens    I am smoking all fahker.    I am getting like NO smoke :(    I might cry. I was so excited!    Also smoking with coconaras
  8. hookahismylife

    But But .. I Dont Get It

    Place your coals unheated on the bowl. Poke holes around it leaving the squares where you coal will go. Voila.    I think thats what he meant anyways :) 
  9. hookahismylife

    Mahir Pulls Through!

    The set up at the start and the one in the middle LOL I didnt go through the thread but now that I have I feel sick. Yikes. 
  10. hookahismylife

    Mahir Pulls Through!

    Wow absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 
  11. hookahismylife

    Pennsylvania Pa Smokers

    I am from Marcus Hook/Ridley/Delco I am also right next to Claymont DE and near the bridge to NJ :D 
  12. hookahismylife

    Oh Hai Der!

    Hello!! I am Lexi aka CurvySmoke! I had made an account and did something wrong sooo w/e haha    i am 21 years old and have been smoking hookah for a few months now! I have a chinese hookah (yeah yeah boo me later) I DO like SB (wahhh) but I am learning more and more everyday!!!    I started a website for hookah and I'm hoping it becomes great success!!! Let us be friends >:D 
  13. hookahismylife

    Hookah by Alexis Corinne

    All images are copyright by Alexis Corinne (c) 2014. Images may not be downloaded and used elsewhere without written permission. Images may not be manipulated in any way including but not limited to cropping, coloration changes etc. Please contact me at hello@alexiscorinne.com if you're interested in using my image thank you! Failure to comply can and will result in legal action. www.alexiscorinne.com