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  1.   I wouldn't say it would go that far. Not when certain larger companies can still make money off of it. Most likely Marijuana will be completely legal within a few years. Its all about the money my friend. If anything, I see this bill as a way to cut out the mid to low level guys, and then Marlboro or some other company in the government's pocket buying up all of the big hookah brands. Then TAXES.
  2. Thanks for the input Wade! You're not the first person I've heard say that they've felt better once they permanently switched from Hookah to strictly Vaping. I do both, and I never see myself giving up either personally. 
  3. ^ I agree, its easy to do everything you can possibly do because of how heavily its covered by popular "Let's Play!" YouTubers. So its only good for a few hours of laughs. I am excited about the Workshop though, there's a lot of potential for more. 
  4. Haha yes! I saw this on the I Fucking Love Science page. They had a bunch of people saying basically the same thing as you guys here. I must admit, I don't see the FDA passing this. 
  5.   Please don't generalize me into a category. Just because you feel fine smoking doesn't mean it isn't harmful. CO is an odorless gas that only has NOTICEABLE effects at very high numbers. That doesn't mean our numbers aren't high from smoking hookah. Let's be realistic here.     Please don't misunderstand me. I was just answering Chreees' question. I don't know you personally, I wouldn't make an opinion of you. I meant to say that that is generally the way people react. I wasn't including anyone in that statement.  Plus, I'm 100% positive that hookah is bad for me. Not because I feel negative effects. I don't ever feel bad from smoking hookah, and I smoke daily. But I know it is bad simply because I am taking smoke into my lungs. 
  6. That is crazy looking! Looks cool, but probably not something I'd enjoy smoking from for long.
  7. ^ That's the way people are. With a number or rating attached to how bad something is, it makes it seem more dangerous than someone just saying its bad for your health.
  8. Boycott! Boycott! Lol. I'm definitely not dropping that much coin on a shoddy elmas.
  9. Yeah, it should be banned in restaurants and on airlines and public places. I don't like the smell of cigarettes and avoid it as much as possible. So I am sure that there are some people who dont want to see/smell the vapor from the ecigs.
  10. I might have to try these guys out if I ever decide to take the plunge and make a huge order. So far I've only shopped locally and bought three flavors.
  11. I would call them and speak to them over the phone. That's a sure way to tell if they are a reliable source. Then let us know how it goes.
  12. Kinda how I feel about the situation. I'm still going to smoke hookah no matter how bad it is. But I am still curious to know the data. :)
  13. Congratulations! Keep us posted on how everything is going.
  14. Interesting results. I'm not all that surprised. I've always felt like the Mayo Clinic report released a few years ago was beefed up to make hookah look bad, and all the vendors and people making money off of hookah talk up how much better hookah is for you. Smoking kills, period. But I am interested in seeing the rest of the results of your tests. Keep us posted! Keep up the good work!
  15. As a person who has bought a Kaloud Lotus, I'd rather just stick with a clay bowl and some foil.
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