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  1. I'm looking for some helpful suggestions: Best hose? I used to have nammor but it fell apart. Cola and chai or spicy related shisha suggestions What naturals does everyone like? I have half a box of cocos left but is there something better?
  2. Want to try ololique but its difficult to track down. Someone order me goodies in black friday and ship em down and I'll pay you haha
  3. Thanks for the offer I'll take a peak. I'm jealous of you americans! I fear mass orders haha. As an update I've smoking it! Its weak flavor BUT still good a little sensative on the heat but I've managed to figuree it out and I can only imagine how wonderful it is fresh! My boyfriend found Nak Cola and I was surprised how different it was from AF cola! Both are enjoyable bur AF I found way more sweeter.
  4. cassie!

    Hi, Hello There

    Cassie from Calgary, AB Canada! I used to be big into hookah and these fourms ages ago but moving and life got in the way alas I'm back! Being in Canada can make hookah pircey and tough but I'm ready to jump back into the thick of it!
  5. I'm in the process of trying my cinnamon nak its really dry but it always has been.
  6. Most my stash is so old it needs to be updated and its all flavorless sadly :(
  7. The only problem if they ban smoking in public places then hookah comes along with that sadly. It sucks but Canadian laws as is are pretty tough.
  8. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I have some nak but its 3ish years old.. Majority of my shisha is
  9. Congrats my fellow Canadian :)
  10. cassie!

    2013 - 2014 Hockey Season

    Is Roy their coach now? They kicked my flames butt last night :(
  11. cassie!

    2013 - 2014 Hockey Season

    My poor flames in rebuild mode. I'll still watch and cringe but hopfully they'll surprise everyone.
  12. cassie!

    No Shave November!

    Is it sad Movember is my fav time of year.. Love a guy with a good ol' stache.. I'm odd haha
  13. cassie!

    Weight Loss

    I'm trying to get back on the health train. I was quite the chubster a few years back and I lost some weight but got uninspried and gained a bit back now I'm trying to force myself to get back into eatting properly, going to the gym yet still enjoy myself.
  14. cassie!

    Smoking Naturals First Time!

    I usually have the coals heating then just get my hookak setup and pack the bowl seems to do the trick. I'd rather smoke naturals now became a bit of a coal snob hah.
  15. I'm smoking out of my QT right now and its my goto when I want a smaller hookah. The base is solid and I enjoy the look but I did knock my stem and it is a bit but smokes like a champ still. I think like everyone is saying either will do think trick just the look you're leaning towards.
  16. cassie!

    Hi, Hello There

    I want a new flavor and hate the wait of online orders and the potential risk but I'll have to see of he has any tips. Where are you from? I'll have to post my setup when I get home. May need some updating haha
  17. Sure am! Getting back in the game. :)
  18. cassie!

    Hi, Hello There

    Nice to meet some fellow Canadians! Currently I have a Syrian recently picked up at a shop in Calgary and a Mya QT. Just needing to get my hands in some more shisha and maybe a new hose. I'm so out of the loop on whats good value.
  19. cassie!

    Canadian Smokers

    Calgary ab!
  20. I'm still pluggin away on a few boxes never had any issues with them and no taste. They can make my appartment a bit smelly but anything beats QL coals.