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  1. I'm currently trying to ditch the habit of smoking forbidden amounts of ganja, going to force myself through some depressionry and eventually get to setting up a hookah. I've constantly resorted to this crutch to get my mental flexibilities aligned, but I find the after-effects to be nullifying and overall the potency is lost as a recreational tool. MY MAIN INQUIRY IS: I'm permatripping from mushrooms now (vibing. moreso) and it always helps to have a good atmosphere. So I wanted a traditional eastern ceremonial look to my hookah space, as well as a proper smoke thats not too heavy on the "UUUUUUGH I smoke too much for too long" and sits better for longer periods on a fresh tolerance (I had a hookah smoking phase some time ago with a roomate), something with a buzz but no nausea. I believe I will start with a few online ordered cans and get a good box of coals (although for the month I have coals now from a year ago after a failed hookah endeavour with a crappy mini one).           Heres Yog-Sothoth with the whether.