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  1. We used to love exotica coals until we discovered... coconut coals. Sorry exotica is way too ashy for lounges. 
  2.   I strongly disagree.    It all depends on your geographic location, but I would say the industry as a whole have definitely grown in the past 3 to 4 years. It still is a huge attraction of social gatherings. You just have to make sure that you marketing and customer service is on point. Please do not be one of those dark, blacklight flooded "lounges" that plays loud EDM or gangster rap that encourages a plethora of illegal activities. Make it warm and inviting, make sure you and your staff is attentive and friendly. Hookah lounge industry have a bad rep of having a stick up its ass. Some owners sometimes act like the customers owe them something.    Lastly, please DO NOT sell vapes in your hookah lounge. Vape is a solitary, hookah is social. That's why it's vape STORES and hookah LOUNGES. (Nothing against the vape industry, just think the 2 should be separate).
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8s6xuqa5i5zfxvo/2.9.14-5.jpg?dl=0   Thoughts?
  4. Be careful with that "Not dream hose". The glass is more fragile than you think. It gave one of my staff 7 stitches. 
  5. more coals, poke more holes, and stop using instant lights. Don't let the shisha touch the foil, or it will burn. You are not smoking the tobacco, but vaporizing the glycerin. 
  6. I wish your questions could have been more specific.    Where in the process exactly are you? Have you picked a location and started the lease negotiation process? Please give us more specifics on how to help you.    Also why are you asking for someone else's business plan? This is your business, other people's business plans are not a cheat sheet to your success. Each plan is tailored to a specific business with unique needs and details, of which are pretty much useless to you. If you want a template just look online. 
  7. when I tried it, I had to use like 4 coals to get it smoky. I don't know, it tasted kinda light. I prefer the good o tobacco. 
  8. Here's my ideal box, 3-4 bags of 100g of flavors from any of the shisha brands, even if they are new ones. 10 packaged brand named coals, and a supplementary item like base additives, bowl additives, defuser beads, or accessories. I'd dish out $20 to $25 for that.    Yea I guess it all depends on the reasons why we smoke and our taste preferences. 
  9. We are not planning on selling it so it's just something fun to do.    Oh it's an orange bowl on top of the cups, sorry I didn't make that clear.   Let me know if you guys want a step-by-step, it's relatively easy. By no means will it replace our traditional hookahs, just something cool to do to impress your guests I guess. We are going to do it for free for people waiting for seating at our lounge this friday… so I guess we will find out how people will react to it. 
  10. I thought it'd be cool just to try different brands of shisha and coal that I have never tried before, I'd be done to pay for like 4 100 gram packs and a small box of coals for 20 a month. honestly 250g is too much, what if I don't like the flavor? So I'd rather have more flavors in smaller sizes than bigger size and less selection. The whole point is I want to use it as an exploratory process, if I find a flavor I really like, I'll go buy the 250g or kilo myself. 
  11. Not going to lie, we got this idea from the TPE show.   So after we came back we tried making one at one of our lounges. Just made a few adjustments to make it better.    1) Use a boba straw for the down stem since it's thicker it pulls better. 2) Fold the foil "wind guard" in a cone shape for better coal insulation so your bowl starts faster and the coal last longer.  3) we used a 24OZ PET cup to put enough distance between the liquid and the "hose" so water won't come up as you are smoking it.    Bowl started very quickly, lasted about a good 30 minutes of constant smoking.    Love to hear feedback from you guys!!    http://distilleryimage4.s3.amazonaws.com/b1c07c8c8bb911e387ee1245c8458940_101.mp4
  12. Hookah Fina BLAK Chai Latte… damn this shisha is intense, it's giving me a pretty good buzz…    Anyone have good suggestions on how to get thicker smoke though? I'm using glazed clay egyptian bowls with the lotus, packed lightly. The flavor is prominent but not the smoke. I had the same problem with other BLAK flavors, but this set up usually works with other brands of shisha. Do you guys think an alien bowl and tighter packing will me a difference? 
  13. Terribly sorry about bringing this old thread back alive… but I'm curious if this guy ever did anything with this idea?    I was interested in signing up for something like this so I googled it and this thread came up. 
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