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  1. Sistah Smokah

    My Chicago Comic Con Pics

    I used to go to the Chicago con back when it was called WizardCon. I remember I met Ben Edlund, the guy who drew The Tick, and I was SO nervous I could barely talk to him. I was 17, and just gushing over his awesomeness. No one else was even talking to him, so I wondered what he thought of this young woman acting like he was a god..
  2. Hey flyboy, I'm originally from the northwest side of Chicago. I miss Superdawg! Anyhow welcome to the forum, I'm new here too :-)
  3. Sistah Smokah

    Another Noob, Have A ? I Can't Find An Answer To...

    Thanks everyone. The pipe was totally still usable, I just thought it was odd that it was a bit harder to inhale. Just put the bearing in place, the draw is all-good now. Thanks so much!
  4. Sistah Smokah

    Another Noob, Have A ? I Can't Find An Answer To...

    It'll fit three hoses, though I only have two. One hose port (they were bought separately) has a screw. I guess the mystery is solved! Thank you!
  5. Sistah Smokah


    Mead is really easy to make... Right now I'm aging a few gallons of plum wine with plums from my tree...
  6. Sistah Smokah

    Screen Printing

    I worked in silk-screening for 10+ years as a designer. Old school stuff, stat cameras, lettraset and cutting rubylith with an x-acto. Old shops like that are fairly extinct, I know my company gave away a lot of its equipment and frames. Wouldn't hurt to check out craigslist and see if you can score some materials.
  7. Hey everyone. Joined up because I've got an assembly question I couldn't find an answer to through normal searches. Basically, I was enjoying a smoke outside and knocked over my pipe. It's a Mya Thunder. Basically everything is okay, but I found a ball bearing lying around and I have NO clue where it goes. I know a bearing goes in the airflow valve -- that one is still there. So....where might a second ball bearing go??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. This seems like a cool group, looking forward to meeting some of you :-D