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  1. Thanks for your suggestions Stuie. I've also asked the same question on a few other forums, but haven't received much engagement (as your the only person who chimed in here after a few days).   I've been running my site for about 6 months which has been to this point, a hookah review site. I've been having a hard time getting engagement or comments on the site. Even offering money to people who participated or to comment on postings, which still sparks little engagement. I cannot openly do paid advertising on traditional platforms such as Adwords, Bing, or Facebook because of hookah being a tobacco product. Many of the hookah forums are also not keen on promoting or are owned by the retailers themselves (after weeks of emailing HP to advertise on the forum I have yet to hear back). I do have the option to become a paid vendor here. However, as a hookah fan site I don't actually sell products and have been having a difficult time making any revenue (as an affiliate mainly).   A few people seem to think that I'm just trying to make money. Which I am but they don't understand that to run a site there are huge costs (I run it solely by myself). I've already invested hundreds of dollars and 6 months of my time to try to provide something unique to the community. However, with no one offering ideas to help me improve the site or participating in reviewing products, and it's become very frustrating.   I love hookah and have been smoking for several years, which is why I started the site. However, with it being a small niche (with active members online at least), difficult to advertise for, and with the forums being deeply controlled (not so much this forum but others) I feel that hookah smokers are simply "ok" with how everything is currently being run.    I'm a college marketing student, so while I may not be the smartest or most knowledgeable. I believe that I have tried my best, I'm either not good enough or have failed to properly execute a site that is sustainable.
  2. Hey everyone :)   So I've been wondering what hookah smokers want to do more of online? I posted a topic on the hookah section on Reddit about possibly expanding the buy/trade/used hookah market where users could submit their products to an online store to be sold. Seller's would have profiles with their info and reviews while buyers would be able to easily search used/new/unwanted gear. It would be more invloved than many of the other forums current method of buy/sell/trade. Similar to eBay but just hookah and lower fees to sellers. However, a few people on Reddit have told me that the idea is completely stupid and would never work. Any thoughts from the members on here? Possible or not? and if not, would there be any way to help make it work?   Another idea is a price comparison site where people can search for a hookah product and compare the price among different online vendors. Would allow people to easily see which sites are running deals on certain products and which site is currently offering the lowest price. There's a few of these sites for other products, but none for hookah that I'm aware of. Again, would this idea catch on with the community?   Any other ideas? Things that can be done more effectively or better? Thanks :)
  3. Perfectly fine during the day, but probably awkward later at night
  4. Ive actually been working on a new hookah site myself where people can review flavors, leave comments, join our mailing list where you get deals/dicsounts/free shisha, vote in polls, and have their own profiles. Ive been workin on the site for the last 5 months, but have been having a difficult time getting people interested. Maybe if you guys have some suggestions or things you'd like to see on a hookah site?  Let me know!   Hookah Database
  5. Well it seems from the article that it has to do more with the "base" only. I agree with the courts, you cannot copyright a shape of a water base. Now if the base has some kind of unique feature that wasn't utilitarian (standard) that particular feature would be protected against copyright infringement. I mean there's probably only a dozen different base styles/shapes anyways.
  6. Haze Skills on the Rocks Video Review: Enjoy :)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU8Zav6rXN4
  7. Hey thanks everyone for your input! I posted the article on my site Hookah Database if you'd like to take a look (link below). Also, I've been noticing that many states/cities are now beginning to take action against e-cigs/e-hookahs and extending smoking bans to include these new products. Not good news if your a new business getting into this market.   E-Hookah Pens
  8. Eddie_H

    Kaloud Lotus

    Kaloud Lotus Review   Intro: The lotus is a new hookah accessory that you put on top of your hookah bowl. It eliminates the need for foil (which is a huge advantage) and encases your coals which acts similarly to a windcover (trapping in heat and extending life of coals). It seems to fit most phunnel and vortex styled bowls. While you can still use an Egyptian bowl, most people claim you get better results sticking to a phunnel or vortex bowl.   Setup: I've been using a standard 35inch Khalil Mamoon along with a Nammor hose for testing out the Lotus. I've used both the Harmony bowl and Medium Tangiers Phunnel bowl. The Lotus fits the Harmony perfectly with only a small gap on my phunnel (not much of a problem). For coals I used Coco Nara Natural flat coals (not the cubes). I usually will start with 3 coals in the bowl, then take one out once the bowl gets going, then add the 3rd back in once the coals start to die down.   Pros: Less chance of dropping coals Minimal coal taste, actually no coal taste! Heat management's a breeze, control the heat by opening or closing the lid Better heat distribution, heats up bowl evenly to bake the bowl Coals last longer, Lotus acts as a wind cover to help extend the life of coals Lotus is forgiving on different bowl packing techniques (However I still have to find the absolute sweet spot) Cons: Only one size, might be to small or to big if you have an abnormal bowl size Expensive…currently sells for $45 (I guess cheaper than when first released) Can get very hot, harder to pick up than coals (have an oven mitt on hand) Lid feels flimsy and lid handle feels cheap Can be hard to clean the bottom Makes you become a lazy SOB with heat management Overall Overall, I love the Lotus but still need to find the sweet spot. Seems like I have better bowls with some flavors/brands than others. I can get Al Fakher down pat but Fantasia and Fumari are a bit more temperamental (at least for me). It can be a bit expensive but if your heat management has been suffering lately, you may want to give this a try. I'd give the Lotus an 9/10 for being so innovative, helpful, and functional. However, it still has it's problems as well.   I also wrote a more in-depth article about the Lotus at Hookah Database that also includes some pictures: Kaloud Lotus Review
  9. Just got some E-Hookah pens recently (Fantasia and Starbuzz) to try and test out. Going to be putting up some reviews/articles up on my hookah site about them as well, but was wondering what other members think of E-Hookahs? I'm having a hard time trying to figure out who exactly they're marketed for, maybe more towards the young college crowd? Also, does anyone know if there's any difference between the E-Hookahs and E-Cigs?   Just curious to what everyone thinks about E-Hookahs and if they are more of just a fad or actually have a place somewhere in the hookah market. Thanks!        
  10.   Believe me...there is no such thing as a famous herbal shisha. While some people may like herbal shisha, I stay away from that stuff like the plague. It's made of dozens of different chemicals and substances to try to imitate real tobacco such as sugar cane, which shouldn't be smoked and can be harmful.   Yes, there is a big difference one is herbal and one is tobacco. If your gun hoe on smoking only herbal shisha, do some research and try different brands, there's a much larger selection now than a few years ago. However, I'd think you'd be happier sticking to regular shisha tobacco. Maybe weigh the pros and cons of each, maybe talk to your doctor if your concerned about the health stand-point regarding shisha tobacco vs. herbal shisha.
  11.   Haven't tried Haze's Double Bubble yet, but I just had a friend do a video review of it on my site, and he really likes it too. I've only tried 1 or 2 Haze flavors so far, but may need to try more.
  12. looks cool! could use a small couch or something comfy to sit on. Used to have a hookah room myself when I hung out with more people, but now I usually just smoke by myself in my room. Oh well, more for me :)
  13. Seems like all the other suppliers I use are unaffected. Must be a Hookah-Shisha thing. A higher threat level on the Hazmat? What does that even mean? Just buy from someone else, tons of other suppliers online, it's not like a girlfriend, your free to bounce around :)
  14. Pretty much what everyone else has said, get a coil burner, usually pretty cheap to get. Coals have to be completely lit. I like naturals but usually end up using quick-lights only because of the convenience. 
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