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  1. What are you smoking right now?

    Right now i'm smoking pumpkin pie from Starbuzz
  2. What are you smoking right now?

    Right now i'm smoking pumpkin pie from Starbuzz
  3. Ann Arbor - Michigan Meet Up?

    Ahh a fellow michigander. if im going up to ann arbor i think ill take you up on that offer
  4. Hey Guys

    Hey Guys names beau i just signed up today slightly new to hookah, been smoking it for a year now just thought i would join the community/family and see if i could learn new things so yea... :D
  5. Hey Guys

    I am enjoying it very well
  6. hey guys ive been searching for different things and supposedly there is something called steam stones or vapor stones and i was just curious how they work and what they do.   Also if anybody reccomends them
  7. Ok, and sorry lol, I'm still pretty new to this forum. And thanks ill look into it a bit more.
  8. Oddest Time To Smoke

    hahaha!!!, at a funeral.....never did it but thats what i could come up with
  9. Michigan Smokers Mi

    Clinton township Checking in
  10. Hey Guys

    Thank you again :D
  11. My First Hookah (All In 2 Weeks)

    Actually i got it at the michigan renissance festival for $25, and i got the shisha and coals for 15 at the local smoke shop.
  12. Lung Capacity?

    At times my capacity is better and at times it is just terrible
  13. My First Hookah (All In 2 Weeks)

    ill have to check that out
  14. hey guys im partially new to smoking hookah, and everytime i go to smoke it, i always get a weak flavor but strong coal flavor and all the shisha is burnt can anyone help?
  15. Help Setting The Hookah Up

    i am too, in the process of getting a bigger one so i can have a groupie session so to speak lol
  16. Help Setting The Hookah Up

    Ahhh ok, yea the smoke was amazing gave me a real good buzz unlike before
  17. Help Setting The Hookah Up

    Before I was just using one whole coal and placing it in the middle could that have been part of the problem?
  18. Help Setting The Hookah Up

    Hey Gerry's just wanted to say thanks I took your advice, and it's hitting a hell of a lot more smooth. Tobacco is still charred from the look of it but smoking now and more flavor less charcoal
  19. Hey Guys

    Asked a few already and you guys have been a real help already
  20. Help Setting The Hookah Up

    Alright thanks ill try that tomorrow. Michigan is getting hit with a cold front right now. Too cold to smoke and sadly I can't smoke indoors
  21. Help Setting The Hookah Up

    Alright and any advice on splitting it or where to place the coal?
  22. Help Setting The Hookah Up

    Shisha: Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie Coals: Three kings, Fujima quick light(rarely used) Foil:Deezer nargeela foil Hookah:Havana i usually put the coal on the edges but the only flavor is the coal, when i do get the flavor of shisha its very weak as stated above. i purchased the hookah at the renissance festival last year, i enjoy it but i cant stand the taste of coal anymore lol so any help wuld be appreciated
  23. My First Hookah (All In 2 Weeks)

    i was thinking of getting a different brand of shisha after i get done with SB do you reccomend Al Fakher?