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  1. Ahh a fellow michigander. if im going up to ann arbor i think ill take you up on that offer
  2. Ok, and sorry lol, I'm still pretty new to this forum. And thanks ill look into it a bit more.
  3. hey guys ive been searching for different things and supposedly there is something called steam stones or vapor stones and i was just curious how they work and what they do.   Also if anybody reccomends them
  4. hahaha!!!, at a funeral.....never did it but thats what i could come up with
  5. Actually i got it at the michigan renissance festival for $25, and i got the shisha and coals for 15 at the local smoke shop.
  6. At times my capacity is better and at times it is just terrible
  7. i am too, in the process of getting a bigger one so i can have a groupie session so to speak lol
  8. Ahhh ok, yea the smoke was amazing gave me a real good buzz unlike before
  9. Before I was just using one whole coal and placing it in the middle could that have been part of the problem?
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