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  1. no good sites for uk for tobacco its just herbal lol 
  2. Wtb A Hookah

    looking for a hookah to buy anyone uk selling one 
  3. Hookah Noob

  4. Hookah Noob

    hi guys am looking at hoses for a hookah anyone recomend a good one thanks
  5. First Time Hookah

    yes sorry its a better hose thats needed
  6. First Time Hookah

    its 22inch reviews are good but say needs a better pipe any recomendations thanks
  7. First Time Hookah

    think im going for this aladin for my first hookah guys â€‹
  8. First Time Hookah

    thanks guys am from uk finding a good hookah as you recomend is hard even online is aladin hookahs any good thank you  
  9. First Time Hookah

    sorry forgot about size does it make a big difference
  10. hi guys and gals am new here was wondering what would a good hookah be for first timer thanks