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  1. Blue Midnight

    Alberto Gonzalez

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ Aug 29 2007, 10:06 PM) Such is the story with Vietnam. Such is the story with Iraq. Find me something that's actually committed to paper and reasonably accurate to justify this war in Iraq. Good luck... Yeah, and I assume that The King will be joining the military upon commencement of his 18th birthday. If he does, then he has my respect and admiration for practicing what he preeches and fighting for what he believes in. If he doesn't have plans of joining, then he is either a complete coward or a total hypocrite. It really is that simple. It's time to end this insanity. Yet, sane people still have to listen to nonsense about the liberal media losing this war (or some other BS) from those who have been wrong about nearly everything for the past six years. The liberals lost this war, huh? Uh, yeah. Sure there, fella...anything you say.
  2. Blue Midnight

    Passing Out From Smoking Hookah

    QUOTE (leadpipecinch21 @ Sep 2 2007, 12:08 PM) what coals are you using? We switched from olive wood to a popular finger charcoal. I don't want to say which brand, since I'm not sure whether the problem is actually with the coals or whether us switching brands and having people pass out is just a coincidence. The only reason why I suggest it that might be the coals is because I was thinking that finger coals might produce more carbon monoxide than wood coals, which may cause a problem over a long smoking session. But this is really just a guess...
  3. Blue Midnight

    Passing Out From Smoking Hookah

    We only use Starbuzz.
  4. Blue Midnight


    QUOTE (NonstickRon @ Sep 2 2007, 10:10 AM) I saw one recently but I forget where. I'll keep my eyes open. Starbuzz Passion Kiss. Pretty damn close to Grapefruit if you ask me.
  5. I'll agree with this tax as soon as they start taxing Big Mac's, Mac and Cheese, and anything else that is bad for you. Until then, I am going to stick with the idea that people should be free to choose what they do and do not consume without government interference.
  6. Blue Midnight

    Alberto Gonzalez

    QUOTE (The King @ Aug 28 2007, 11:54 PM) if the media would back the fuck off and let these generals do their job the right way without having to worry what the media will say next, the war could have been won easily... Most hilariously retarded opinion I have heard in quite some time.
  7. Starbuzz Mint Chocolate Mint is a million times more flavorful and better than after nine. After nine is a pretty crappy flavor if you ask me. Try SB Choc. Mint. If you can't taste that, there is something seriously wrong with your tastebuds.
  8. Blue Midnight

    Mexico Trip!

    I have been to Mexico dozens of times. Never have I once seen a hookah anywhere. However, I have read about at least one lounge that exists somewhere in Mexico. I'm not sure where. Is this lounge in fact nothing more than a drunkin gringo's fantasy? Perhaps...
  9. Blue Midnight

    Scooter Libby Conviction

    QUOTE (Scalliwag @ Jul 2 2007, 09:03 PM) Well today GW Bush and in my view the ENTIRE republican party showed their cards. It was not that long ago when lying about consensual sex under oath was the most horrific crime of the century. But today from all I have read the party as a whole believe it is okay to lie under oath and obstruct justice if you are a republican. Scooter Libby was convicted by a jury and sentenced by a republican appointed judge. The evidence that he was guilty was so strong that even a three judge panel, two of which were republicans said that Scooter was guilty as charged and his legal counsel did not provide any argument worthy of him escaping staying out of prison during appeal. I have said many times that republicans are as loyal as nazis were to Hitler. Today proved every bad thing I have ever said about them. None of which I will ever take back. They are still the party of Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon. They are the most evil and vile party of American politics. Hopefully todays events puts the party out of business. http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/07/02/lib...ence/index.html There is a word for their combined actions: Treason
  10. QUOTE (mushrat @ Jun 25 2007, 03:34 PM) 6) Now, you knwo roughly what it will cost. How much to you have? Savings? Stocks and bonds? equity in your hourse? No matter what they say, even with the best business plan, most banks nor the SBA are interesting in funding a start up, especially if you are doing anything with food, and especially if you dont have assets equal to what you are asking to borrow to put up for collateral. Don't let that keep you from trying, but don't count on that sort of funding. I used a private investor plus all the money o could save for about a year from tax returns,bonuses at work, alittle from each pay check. If you can find an individual or 3 who want to plunk down some cash for a decent return, go for it. Use a legal form or a lawyer to draw up a promessory note and run. Yeah, if you are young or opening your first place, a bank loan really isn't much of an option. You are gonna have to have access to cash or capital if you wanna open your own place (this goes for all business, not just hookah lounges of course).