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  1. Caiogaio

    Awesome Deal !

    Recieved the numbers! Prob getting my hands on this week. You can easly buy zahrah's bases, they are great and ship on the same day you pay. Just email them and they will inform you the international shipping cost.
  2. Caiogaio

    Awesome Deal !

    Agreed.   Well, still waiting for the track number. It has been 2 weeks since I paid and no tracking number yet. I've already emailed them, but still no answer in the last 2 days.
  3. Caiogaio

    Wtb Mini Boho, Jumbo Or Montego

    I can't believe it! I love you man! You and Twitchy.
  4. Hey guys,   I'm looking for a mini bohemian base, with gold details, in jumbo or montego format. Couldn't find it anywhere, so I decided to create this thread. I'd pay good amount of money, to make worth selling it.   Preference for the one in the attached photo, but would consider others. PM me if interested into selling.   Thanks!
  5. Caiogaio


    Eric is an awesome guy to trade with. I would definitely buy something from him again. He was excellent attending and provided fast responses. I asked for bubble warp on the package and he put a lot. Also, he threw some extras. A+++++
  6. Caiogaio

    Wtb Egerman Jumbo Boho

    I got one.   Moderators can close this thread.
  7. Caiogaio

    Wtb Egerman Jumbo Boho

    bump   180$+shipping
  8. Caiogaio

    Wtb Egerman Jumbo Boho

    Even mattarios doesn't have it. I'll pay 150+shipping for it.
  9. Caiogaio

    Wtb Egerman Jumbo Boho

    Thanks Stuie, i'll ask him!
  10. Caiogaio

    Wtb Egerman Jumbo Boho

    Yes, i know. It's 9" right? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Caiogaio

    Wtb Egerman Jumbo Boho

    I'm looking for this boho and can't find anywhere. So, I'll pay 120$+shipping if you decide to sell it.   Also, I know that I'm new here and you may not trust me, but PM and I'll do my best to convince I'm trustful.   This is what I wanto:   [attachment=6440:boho.jpg]     Thanks for your attention.
  12. Caiogaio

    Shout Out...

    Oh well... Hope he can get back to hookah business soon. Also, is there any other boho seller around? I'm looking for an egermann mini jumbo and can't find anywhere... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. Caiogaio

    Shout Out...

    Do you know what happened to his site? It's been unavailable for a while... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Caiogaio

    Hello Yall

  15. Caiogaio

    Hello Yall

    Must say I have it for more than 2 years and swam only twice haha Far from being a pool lover