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  1. love this forum cause the ppl are awesome and helpful and some arent bad looking lol plus b4 i joined awhile back i discovered the phunnel bowl on here, its the greatest thing since sliced bread
  2. havnt posted here in months but found this thread interesting considering i did puke at a hookah lounge after having layalina rose made me gag so bad yuck and later on the drive back i tossed my cookies, also one time when i smoked after nine i gaged pretty bad i dont know why cause i smoke it all the time. oh and i love double apple and i love black licorice i know its weird lol
  3. JonJonello

    My First Smoke

    cool vid and cool clouds, is it aladin in southern california cause i know there is one called aladin where i live but i have never been there
  4. JonJonello

    My First Ever After Nine!

    QUOTE (GordonMac @ Apr 9 2007, 01:53 PM) so what does after nine taste like? after nine is a chocolate mint blend, the mint is very mild and it has a good smoooth cocoa flavour u should try it
  5. JonJonello

    Best Packed Tobacco?

    i noticed they do have some good packaging but still not the best smoke, their flavors tend to be more milder or bland to me
  6. i use japanese coals all the time, i usually break one stick in half and set them on the outside of the bowl and it smokes great, make sure when u light them that u blow off all the silver coating on the side ur putting on the foil(the rest will fall after u smoke for a bit) and the japanese coals u used are they called Easy Lights or Diamante cause i normally use the Easy lights and the silver coating comes off faster and they light quicker too, when i use the Diamante ones they take longer to get started and the silver coating is really stuck on their and takes longer to burn off and produces less heat so u get less smoke
  7. JonJonello

    Smoked Too Much, And Got Sick

    i feel ur pain, we had a kickback at a friends bout a month back, i smoked 4bowls one after another, i had a really bad migraine and i ended throwning up while driving home, it was awful so now i never smoke that many bowls in a day or smoke witha empty stomach cause i never want to live threw that again
  8. doesnt matter what kind of shisha i smoke, if im well fed and hydrated b4 i smoke i dont get a buzz but if i got an empty stomach i get hit hard
  9. JonJonello

    Hello All

    im still new but welcome...hello motto Im also from SoCal i'm in chino hills
  10. JonJonello

    Whats Color Would You Pick?

    my favorite color is red but my first color for hokah was green, same as my 2nd
  11. JonJonello


    QUOTE (LuxOR541 @ Mar 15 2007, 11:51 AM) When smoking hookah I like to listen to in flames, machine head, dream theater, children of bodom, kings x, etc. Sometimes I listen to traditional middle eastern music or something mellow, but it usually metal or progressive rock. +1 on the Opeth too. oh hell ya IN FLAMES is the shit, you should check out Darkane, Therion, and Amorphis. but i usually listen to Dido when i smoke, she's so relaxing, even Enya or some trance music
  12. i listen to the 50 trance songs vol 1 i got from itunes for 10 bux or i listen to Dido she's pretty relaxing too ...cool song by the way
  13. JonJonello

    24" 4 hose Syrian

    thats one awesomer hookah
  14. JonJonello


    i agree my first car was a 1990 honda accord 5 speed manual which i bought from my dad for 1300 dollars. it has 264 thousand miles on it and still runs great, xcept the interior can use some work the car i have now is a 2002 honda accord coupe "special edition" (it has a sunroof) and it runs awesome as well. these import cars are cheap to maintain, good on gas, and run great. plus w/ all the tuner parts u can get on them their started to look really snazzy ....but still my all time favoritesseses dream car is a 1965 Mustang Fastback w/ dark burgandy paint and 2 simple white stripes that'll be the day