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  1. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Deja Vu Reviews

    [quote name='Stuie' date='13 April 2010 - 11:43 PM' timestamp='1271220226' post='463556'] [size="3"][b]Deja Vu [color="#9acd32"]Pomegrante [/color][/b][/size][b]Hookah:[/b] Khalil MamoonTrimetal [b]Bowl: [/b]Standard [b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds Heavy Duty [b]Hose:[/b] Nammor [b]Coals: [/b]Exotica [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water [b]Appearance: [/b]Short Cut a few stems [b]Nicotine: [/b]0.05% [b]Base:[/b] Honey & Glycerin [b]Smell:[/b] Sweet [b]Taste:[/b] Sweet but not overpowering [b]Smoke:[/b] Good Clouds [b]Buzz: [/b]None [b]Duration:[/b] 1 Hour [b]Purchased From: Local Hookah shop[/b] [b]Overall: [/b]7/10 Sweet Flavor, not as strong as I am used to. I tried it and it did not let me down! [/quote]
  2. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Need Help From A Vendor!

    Hey everyone, I am back from Saudi Arabia. It was great serving my country but now I have a great problem that I hope the vendors here can help me solve. I have become a daily heavy smoker. I am looking for 5 kilos of AF Double Apple and a case of Golden Coals. This is for personal use only-not resale! I am looking for quotes on this...the best quote gets the order! Contact me at: bronc6@hotmail.com Thanks for any help I can get!!! Harry
  3. i read the post about the km shop in riyadh. do you remember the address? i would be interested in that, thanks.

  4. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Greetings From Saudi!

    QUOTE (blckngld760 @ Jun 26 2008, 08:39 PM) QUOTE (liquidglass @ Jun 26 2008, 01:58 PM) QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Jun 26 2008, 03:02 PM) Harry!! WTF have ya been up too? My Wisco friend way over in Saudi. Can I trade places with you?? But I do not want to be in the army though... Nice to hear from you man. Stay safe and happy smoking. Bring me back a bunch of dates too. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for some dates today! Lol aww man Wimpy Wellington, it's been awhile apply it to shisha and I'm all about that shit. Not trying to rain on dude's parade, but I thought you could get hookahs and shisha at gas stations normally? Small ass town around me has chinese mya's, pharaohs and havana shisha. Nothing spectacular I just didn't know it was strange. As far as the hookah goes I'm with Indian, it's probably just too much heat, but that's AWESOME you found some good hookahs while you were there. i wish gas stations where i live sell hookahs and shisha...theres only 1 tobacco shop in a 60 mile radius of me...it would be good to go during the middle of the nite to buy some hookah coals or something at a gas station Hey all! Thanks for the tips! I got my hans on a brush, I ran it through the Mya with hot water and got alot of shit out of it. I looked like flux from soldering! Tasted like it too! The harsh taste in the KM was fixed by setting the QL on the edge of the bowl...yup, you guys were right- too much heat!! Snoopy- I'm not in the military!!! I am a civilian firefighter! I am over here on contract. I thought it was a good time to take an $85,000 a year (taxfree!!!) job. The econmy in the States sucks!!! So, here I am in Riyahd...smokin a KM and makin $$$$$!!!
  5. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Anyone Carry A Pistol?

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Oct 20 2007, 11:09 AM) Just got my C&C permit this week. It's a very strange feeling being able to walk down the street wearing a gun... Anyone else carry? Yes, I have carried for years. I had a C&C but then my state canned the C&C program for citizens. I still carried....I still do. Always will (when I am in the States!)
  6. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Greetings From Saudi!

    What a long strange trip it's been so far!!! I pick up 3 pipes since I got here- a MYA with an ice chamber, a KM!!!, and a cheap shitty pipe from a gas station (of all places!). Heres the problem, the Mya and the KM have a slight-harsh after taste to them. I scrubbed them out, swabbed the stems with alcohol (!) and still a slight taste.....the tastes remains with both QT's (arabic) and jap coals. Any thought form y'all???? Please send all replies to my e-mail: bronc6@hotmail.com Due to shitty interner service and working my ass off, my internet access ain't what it used to be! I found a little shop in Riyahd that sell nothing but KM's! I was in heaven! I was able to get a beautiful pipe and a 5 kilo PAIL of Nakala double apple! Been hitting the gas station cheap ass pipe ALOT!!! Harry
  7. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Hookah In Fairfax?

    Thanks... Shit, I was just there overnight to do a physical for Saudi. I am back in the sand on the 29th. I guess it will be back to the Haji shops for me....
  8. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Hookah In Fairfax?

    I will be in Fairfax VA overnight....anywhere to get hookah baccy near Candlewood Suites? Harry
  9. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Silver Coals

    wow...this is pointless
  10. HarryTheHookaMaster

    The Revolution Is Nigh!

    The people of this country NEED to read the Consitition...ALL OF IT! They need to undersatand the first three words: WE THE PEOPLE. In the 30's, the government was afraid of the people, now it is us that is afraid of them. We need to back control of our country. The two parties don't have a clue....the answer is us...all of us. Don't expect elected officals to fix this shit. We need to get off the fucking couch and take it back. Until that happens, we are simply fucked. Keep in mind that in 2013, medicare and Social Security will require 53 Trillion dollars..... that will be EVERY dollar brought in (and then some) by taxes....what is going to happen then? Just a few random thoughts
  11. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Any Vendors That Ship To Saudi?

    QUOTE (AzZ @ Mar 30 2008, 09:32 AM) Surely you won't have a problem finding shisha in Saudi... I would think it would be readily available? It is but you can't get all to good flavors that I have become addicted to at home....not to mention I want a KM or Mya shipped to me- better then a cheap pipe from the Haji shop!
  12. I am looking for vendors that ship internationaly. When I get there it will be a big order! Might be taking a job and be gone for a year...don't know yet! How bout it Neal...MNH?...anybody?
  13. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Potion 100g Sample

    I got the lemon mint. I had to heat the shit out of it to get it to smoke. Threw a few Exoticas at it to get it lit...have not tried the coal yet (what is it? a QL type?)It was a tasty, light ,refreshing smoke. Not your usual hookah baccy. Smelled up the kitchen (in a GOOD way!). I was drooling packing a bowl! Interesting packaging, I like the little packet of coals inside the tin. I know it was for shipping purposes but it was/is a good marketing idea.... finally got it lit. Smoke was a little light but the flavor kicked me in the face! I am not a lemon kind of guy but it was good. I would be interested in trying the other flavors... Thanks to the crew at MNH for broadening our horizions!
  14. HarryTheHookaMaster

    Question About Coal Ash

    I usually pick them off the foil and drop them into an old vw hubcap to knock the ash off while smoking...