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  1. New From Va!

    So what's everyone up to?
  2. Virginia Smokers Va

    Looks at all the peeps in Newport I use to live down there I miss that place!
  3. Base Liquids

    Lol yeah that's what I thought about adding jello Mix with it.. Thanks for the info man! I pack my bowl loose I like the pull better..
  4. Base Liquids

    Has anyone tried tonic water and jello mix? My gf on Pinterest that mixing the two will make it glo but she can remember if you have to add anything else.. I told her to try to find it and we will try it. I will update if its a good mix or not.. Unless someone else has beat me to it... As of now I like to use ice cold water, ice cubes, lemon slices, and lemon juice or Capri sun fruit punch.
  5. New From Va!

    Tobacco zone is up the street from me..
  6. New From Va!

    Thank you
  7. New From Va!

      Thank you and what part of nova?   My first one I got A year ago from a shop for 50 bucks I can't find a name on it. It's about 3 ft tall with two hoes My second one is a mya I just bought today it's cheap but will do for just watching tv and smoking alone lol The big one is more for when ppl come over.
  8. New From Va!

    Hey guys! New to the hookah game. Just bought my second hookah today! Had my first for a year before messing with it.. Here to learn the ins and outs..
  9. Virginia Smokers Va

    Catlett and Woodbridge va