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  1. Hookah Joe

    I'm Back!

    Hey guys, It's Joe. Haven't been on in a long long time... So here's what I've been up to: Spent a year and a half in the Airforce, Special ops. Had a good time, and I'm out for right now. Came home, and found out my mom through out my 30" Pharoah hookah, all the shisha and accessories. I was pissed. So I'm planning on getting another one from Hookah-shisha. Same hookah. Anyone know when they're getting the Genie bases back in stock? I've read you guys are loving Tangiers, so I'm gonna pick up some of that. How's everyone been? Any suggestions? Been outa the hookah scene for a while...
  2. Hookah Joe

    Favorite Cigarettes?

    QUOTE (james @ May 8 2007, 03:45 PM) QUOTE (sicklecow @ May 8 2007, 04:31 PM) (and that way nobody knows who's smoking a clove, so they don't know who to ask for one. ) Yeah. I hate that. I'm greedy with my cloves. With good reason! They fricken expensive! I gave out 3 from my entire pack, haha. Maybe 4. I enjoy the sweet crackling noise the most. The taste is really nice too. I don't like smooths, its like a nasty minty cigarette.
  3. Hookah Joe

    Favorite Cigarettes?

    QUOTE (sicklecow @ May 8 2007, 12:33 AM) Djarum Blacks, Djarum Vanillas, Kools Ultralights (it's like smoking Aspen air, haha), Camel Wides. But hookah's still better. Hey, How's those Djarum vanillas? Any way to describe the taste? They sound good.
  4. Hookah Joe

    Favorite Cigarettes?

    Hey guys, joe here. Just wondering what your favorite cigarettes are, if you smoke. I started on Newport 100s, but wanted something with better taste. As an avid black n mild smoker ( If you can find cream types or peach, GET THEM), I always inhale, even with my cigars. I had been research clove, or kretek cigarettes. I stopped at Exxon with my friend just to take a look. Sure enough, they had some Djarum blacks, and I bought a pack. It comes to 7 and change(that's NJ taxes for ya!). I have a few pics. It is basically like smoking chai tea, and lick your lips from time to time- a great sweet flavor. When the cloves burn, the cigarettes crackle. They also last absurdly long, about 10-15 minutes on an average smoke.
  5. Hookah Joe

    I Am Done

    QUOTE (Vancity604 @ May 4 2007, 05:26 PM) lay off on the moobs. it's not funny. +1 to you, it is really annoying- the whole "moob" thing. What the hell is a moob? and +1 to luxOR541. You've summed it up. I found out what happened and agreed. When I heard what happened and WHO was deleting threads and the such, I was like " Who are they?" Alas, it seems it has broken down from a "community" problem to just a couple people/personal issues. I hope they can be resolved OFF the boards, and we can continue our peace. While we can't hide the scar completely, some make-up over it will make it look pretty atleast. FREE shisha from Hookahkings! haha, just kidding. I hope you guys can work it all out. We've lost several prominent members that I would trade for to keep them here. Hell, I'd even leave to get smiley and EL to come back. Oh well, what happened, happened.
  6. Hookah Joe

    I Am Done

    QUOTE (hbomb @ May 4 2007, 01:15 PM) People are going to continue to ask until there's some official thread put up explaining things. Also, without some kind of public closure to the debacle, the same thing can keep happening over and over. I agree. I believe the mods need to come to some kind of understanding on what to post. It seems 1/4 of the people know EXACTLY what's going on, and say nothing, another 1/4 has some clue, but won't comment because they aren't sure, and the rest of us (1/2 if my math is right, lol) have no clue. Sean, I respect you more than anyone else on the forum. You've helped me out so much. I just don't feel it's fair for you and the others to have to explain it over and over again. A simple thread that would get stickied and locked would suffice. Again, not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers.
  7. Hookah Joe

    I Am Done

    QUOTE (Dr.Moobs @ May 4 2007, 12:52 PM) Hookah Joe, If you were here when it first happened you would have noticed what happened. Please do visit our chat, hookahforumchat.com Their is more than several people their that would be happy enough to inform you of the previous events. I think it may have been in the week or two i was gone... oh well.
  8. QUOTE (Gaara @ May 4 2007, 07:06 AM) That sucks for you. Had a couple of carpet burns but learned this trick where you cut the top fibers of the carpet and then use this specific bleach so that it'll be evened out. Works perfectly and my carpet still looks pretty new. I've had coals fall onto the floor, but got them quick. I accidently dumped a charcoal into the garbage can. I saw the smoke and dug through the trash, but could NOT find the coal, but it was still smoking. went RIGHT through the garbage can, and partially into the linolium floor, haha. Mother dearest wasn't too pleased.
  9. Hookah Joe

    I Am Done

    QUOTE (Erica @ May 4 2007, 11:25 AM) Sad to see you go.... but I do believe things are going to get worked out... and if you have to ask what is going on it doesn't concern you That's the FIRST time I've ever disagreed with Erica. Us regular members are somewhat confused. We have NO clue what's going on. All we see is people getting banned, random threads popping up with arguements and debates. Some members would start chiming in with THEIR opinions and could make things worse, however we still have a right to know. I see this place as a nice happy hookah family. ALL families have problems, yet they work them out. Keeping secrets can only make things worse. The regular members are confused and told " It doesn't concern you, don't worry about it" which worries us. It's insulting when a part of your family says, " this doesn't concern you" Even if it's between certain people, the rest of the family has a right to know. When someone random tells them, rumors start, and things get worse. I'm not trying to demand we know righ now what happened, but a little summary from someone whose unbiased would be nice. a note from each party would be great. We do worry, because we care about our fellow friends, and hope you feel the same, but we feel unloved when people keep things from us. If it's something THAT serious, little snippits and popups about it on the forum wouldn't happen. Anytime someone asks what happens, the thread is deleted. We talk about serious discussions, on how the government tells lies and keeps secrets from their countrymen. It's the same thing that's beginning to happen here. I hope I do not piss off anymore, or make you angry. I'm just saying, Either keep ALL of it in PM's and personal matter, or make it open on the forums. I wish you fair travels and luck in the future Narghile club.
  10. Hookah Joe


    QUOTE (Skimo @ May 2 2007, 08:22 PM) aww thanks Erica, I feel loved Now how do you feel? Haha, Welcome back man!
  11. Hookah Joe

    Not Trying To Toot My Own Horn.

    QUOTE (speel @ Apr 26 2007, 03:18 PM) QUOTE (Hookah Joe @ Apr 26 2007, 03:09 PM) QUOTE (speel @ Apr 26 2007, 02:38 PM) dude so far your shisha is the shit hands down Agreed. I threw my jars in the freezer yesterday, and plan to see how it goes. Hopefully I can get some taste from my peach! you put your shisha in the freezer? if so why? lol Lol speel... Smiley raves that it intensifies the flavor, as the juice is frozen to the tobacco. Read a couple reviews where AFTER the freezer method was implied, the shisha was more flavorfull and lasted longer. I had NO flavor at all from my peach, so I said- what the hell, might as well try it! I'll let you know how it goes later tonight.
  12. Hookah Joe

    Not Trying To Toot My Own Horn.

    QUOTE (speel @ Apr 26 2007, 02:38 PM) dude so far your shisha is the shit hands down Agreed. I threw my jars in the freezer yesterday, and plan to see how it goes. Hopefully I can get some taste from my peach!
  13. Hookah Joe

    Noob Question

    QUOTE (speel @ Apr 25 2007, 01:30 PM) QUOTE (kornkitten42 @ Apr 25 2007, 04:46 AM) i think the big white boot is the porclean (sp) god........... aka the john.... the porclean express..... the crapper........ the big bowl.... the super bowl.... lol couldnt resist. or that lol Lol, I second that.
  14. Hookah Joe

    Flavour Request

    QUOTE (hbomb @ Apr 23 2007, 04:32 PM) i love pickled ginger, and was just talking last night about wanting to smoke it after eating some with my sushi. Haha, I do that EVERYTIME I get sushi. What's your favorite type of roll?
  15. Hookah Joe

    Guitar Hero 2 Ftw!

    QUOTE (DarkD3vil @ Apr 24 2007, 10:52 AM) i love this game i live on expert have been since it came out.. so much fun and i can only beat jordan on expert with another person on bass.. Nice dude. I'm actually returning my PS2 and guitar hero. It was a $200 I didn't need to spend. I could go next door and play at my friend's house. I called Gamestop, the place I bought at ( yesterday), and told them I wanted to return it, because I really didn't like the PS2 design, or the graphics. he said they could take the PS2 back for the $109 I bought it for, but the guitar hero couldn't be taken back as new. He goes " We simply cannot take back an item and re-sell it as new because you didn't like it", with an attitude. I asked him how much they would take for the guitar hero used, and was told " It was WORTH $22". I laughed, and asked if he was joking. So, I plan on bringing the PS2 back, getting my $110, then, selling the guitar bundle. It's Brand new, with everything there. Maybe I'll sell it for 50 or 60...