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  1. Official Blazeshisha.com Vendor Thread

    Why Herbal Over Tobacco?   It will not let me paste the article here so please go to www.blazeshisha.com/why-herbal-over-tobacco-2
  2. Official Blazeshisha.com Vendor Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl6ALu2Jd6Q ( Full Video here )   Ron Jeremy Endorses Blaze Shisha  
  3. Official Blazeshisha.com Vendor Thread

    What do you guys think of a new exotic Blend called "Vampires Blood" which will be Cherry n Grape with a twist? Would you be interested in that ?
  4. Official Blazeshisha.com Vendor Thread

    Press Release.....   Blaze Shisha Taking Hookah World by Storm New York - Blaze Shisha is taking the hookah world by storm. With 15 explosive flavors to start, the all natural shisha is creating quite a stir in the smoke world. The exotic blends are being called the best on the market with a strong thick smoke, amazing taste and consistency, Blaze seems to have cornered the all natural market with smokers lining up to get a taste of Santas Cane, Rainbow Explosion, Butterscotch Pudding, Hot Fudge Brownie and Long Island Ice Tea. "We have perfected what we think is the best non-tobacco shisha in the world today" said Owner Joseph LiBrandi. "The flavors are all very strong compared to what is out there now and some are comparing the smoke to that of which contains tobacco." Blaze Shisha is now being sold in the United States and Canada. They are also selling online to U.S customers. "We are always looking to expand to other Countries and are actively seeking distributors to build a relationship with abroad" said LiBrandi. Blaze is planning on releasing another 15 flavors by years end including 10 more Exotic Blends. The Exotic Blends are what people are craving the most. They are unique to say the least. The names alone are catchy but fit the product well. All flavors come in 50, 100, 250 and 1000 grams and can be purchased on the website at www.BlazeShisha.com  
  5. Official Blazeshisha.com Vendor Thread

    Yes, I need to update the entire list too.
  6. Official Blazeshisha.com Vendor Thread

    You get what you pay for. Not to trash any other herbals but it doesn't compare ; )
  7. Official Blazeshisha.com Vendor Thread

    We are now offering 50gr Blaze All Natural Shisha in all flavors on our website. Check it out and if you have any questions ask ; )   Joe       http://www.blazeshisha.com