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  1. hey guys where is a good place to order nak?? does john still sell?
  2. So far no, everything has been great..im using mobile version
  3. Wish i got redirected to hardcore porn
  4. Anyone got one for sale?..left outta town and my friend broke it..
  5. kaoz187

    Welding A Stem?

    wtf really?? Thats crazy, ima look that up! (The superglue part)
  6. kaoz187

    Welding A Stem?

    So ur gunna go with the jb weld? Another excellent choice, let us know how it goes :)
  7. kaoz187

    Welding A Stem?

    From experience pipe liners are always too rough haha their used to low carbon steel, which is tough as shit, if u want ot nice and pretty take it to a tig welder, their gentle and got magiv hands
  8. kaoz187

    Welding A Stem?

    Soft solder! Just throw some flux on that bad boy and add the filler, you can use a torch to sorta melt it on there, or use a soldering gun. Real easy and simple. And make sure its lead free, if its gunna be touching the water they have some that are more water resistance, think its zinc-aluminum soft solder,
  9. They sell cleaning formulas at almost any smokeshop, the local shop here uses it on their hookahs in the lounge, 4 to 5 dollars a bottle
  10. kaoz187

    August Contest!

    goodluck to everyone, cant wait to see who won and is about to do a whole lotta smoking to review this :)  
  11. about the km pear, I own the double and the stem alone is extremely light,
  12. kaoz187

    Mattarios Hookah Collection

    John, the new pipe arrive yet?
  13. kaoz187

    August Contest!

    @shishafruit I was also reading that this product does not burn. so how do you determine how much is too much coal?
  14. kaoz187

    August Contest!

    you have been a wonderful mod, you've truly gone above and beyond your responsibilities , its nice to see you so caring about this website, I was never here during hookah forums prime but I enjoy it...it feels like a  small family. :)   shishafruits, is this product shredded like I've seen other herbal tobacco done, is it a long cut? wonder how this even works. definitely citrus flavors are the best, and do you guys plan on a mint flavor? some intense natural mint would be great
  15. kaoz187

    Meet Margo

    Does your vet offer payment plans ? Maybe you could find one , when we took my brothers dog his vet offered a payment plan