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  1. kayy_dubb

    Hi I'm Kayydubb

    Social smoke Baja blue. What u smokin on tonight?
  2. kayy_dubb

    Horoscope Talk

    "i hope i'm excluded from the dudes you're referring to" Only since u asked
  3. " ... my ettiquette... my house, my hookah, my rules." Agreed. I mean who really cares that much about hookah etiquette on any given day. I guess I just still follow what I learned from the streets "Puff, Puff, Pass!"
  4. kayy_dubb

    Horoscope Talk

    This thread right now is making my night! Lol. Didn't realize you dudes like looking at them too.
  5. kayy_dubb

    Just A Beginner Looking To Learn!

    What up! You're doing it right by jumping on the forums. Welcome!
  6. kayy_dubb

    My Main Rig

    Thanks for your input guys I'm definitely going to keep that in mind when I look into getting one of those. I learn something new everyday. I'll ask around and see if maybe one of my buddies has a good connect on getting a quality Syrian. I know a few that have their own in a personal stash, maybe I can pawn one off of them to see if it's something I wanna invest in...
  7. kayy_dubb

    My Main Rig

    "Well shit, I really thought that was a Farida! That is a rather NICE looking KM, wouldn't mind having that in my collection at all, if I was still in the market for Egys." I've been loyal to my KM's just cuz I already know what they're like and I'm use to then. But now since have a bit higher budget I want to start building my collection more.
  8. kayy_dubb

    My Main Rig

    " Nice! KM's are the solid egyptian pipes I had 1 back in the day as well Then for some reason i switched to Syrian Brass lol but my KM was a double pear it wasn't as sturdy and solid as the one's you have. The funny thing is my Nickel Syrian reminds me of a KM because the draw is so freaking open lol That being said Its a lovely site when a lady knows her hookahs! great choice on your rigs! Around here people buy those stupid novelty Ed Hardy Pipes lol (yes the chinese made junk with an ed hardy "love kills" label) " Thanks! I try and make sure I ask the pros before I buy my stuff since its a pretty penny to drop. All those cheap Chinese hookahs are TERRIBLE! Literally...you get what you pay for. I had a tiny Chinese hookah back in the day. Needless to say that didn't make it past my drunken/stumbling college years, not durable. I've never owned a Syrian hookah though, I'll keep that on my list of purchases for next time.
  9. kayy_dubb

    My Main Rig

    Haze Watermelon solo sesh https://vine.co/v/hqITduVD6Ka
  10. kayy_dubb

    My Main Rig

    She's been with me through college, KM's have always been my staple for hookahs.
  11. kayy_dubb

    My Main Rig

    Thanks, it's actually not a Farida. It's a KM...I keep it gangsta. ð
  12. Pirates cave e-cig was good haha
  13. kayy_dubb

    My Main Rig

    I call her "Old Faithful" for tonight's after work solo sesh. [attachment=6405:ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375317424.353393.jpg]
  14. You can't help it but Starbuzz is starting to take over and becoming pretty mainstream...especially to a lot of the newer hookah smokers. Tangiers is like my "fine wine" of hookah.
  15. Starbuzz Black Mint is really good. It's like a spearmint flavor, very smooth, and u get big clouds.